34709_420885764648350_36737496_nHave you noticed that December can get a little crazy?

Is your to-do list as long as a role of toilet paper?

Even before December rolls around, the craziness of the commercial side of Christmas creeps forward, breathing down the back of Thanksgiving. This year I saw a few Christmas decorations up before Halloween. That’s nuts!

How funny it has become that as soon as the Thanksgiving turkey is eaten and the apple pie barely digested, we experience the temptation to rush right out and scoop up those doorbuster, Black-Friday-on-Thursday deals. Now if you were one of the crazy folks spending Thanksgiving night in a shopping frenzy, no judgement–I’m just saying it’s a nutty world out there!

However, now it is officially December and the Advent season is here! It is time to put up the Advent Calendar and break out the Christmas Sweater! Yes! I have been waiting all year for December to arrive, because you just can’t feel good about wearing that favorite Christmas Sweater just any month!

More Christmas Sweater

However, as much as I love all of the festivity Christmas brings, I need a plan to stay focused on Christ and keep the chaos under control.

If I don’t make an intentional effort to stay focused on what is important, the pace of this month in family life can get a little overwhelming–and that makes for a frazzled mom for sure.

Who wants to be a frazzled mom this Christmas?

Nope, not me. And I bet not you either!

You may remember The Christmas Worship Challenge that I hosted on this blog last year. In this daily December series, we worked together to move worship to the top of our To-Do list. Taking time to worship Christ enables us to pace ourselves, staying focused on the deeper values despite hustle and bustle that the Christmas season can bring.

Join me for a youtube visit as we laugh about Beating the Craziness of Christmas–Commit to Worship like the Wise Men. 

On this video you will find 10 minutes of comedy and silly fun about preparing for Christmas followed by teaching on worship lessons from the Wise Men. 

[youtube_sc url=jpmrOhagHJQ]



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