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Benefits of Grow Christian Blog Course

Ladyboss Blogger's  Grow Christian Blog Course is impressively comprehensive, packed with information, instructions, ideas, recommendations, and templates on every aspect of blogging. Wowza, I wish I had known this information the first few years of blogging! I'm excited to up-level my blog with what I've learned. I don't write a lot of reviews, but I love to share great resources. Course covers foundations, mistakes to avoid, content creation, set up, email best practices, pinterest tips, monetization, and more.

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10 Bible Verses for a Healthy Soul

What does it mean to have a prospering soul? If your physical health was in the same condition that your spiritual health is, how healthy would you be? Vibrant health includes more than the physical condition of our bodies. Are you neglecting the health of your soul in your pursuit of your best life? 3 John 2 shows that as we grow in faith, spiritual blessings overflow into other areas of life.

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25 Good Habits for the Art of Friendship

Friendship is an art built on good habits of relationships. Learn to be the friend you long to have with 25 ideas for strong relationships. We don't come into this world know how to be a good friend. If we look for the perfect friend, we won't find one. And the truth is we will never be the perfect friend either. Friendship isn't about perfection; it is about connection. . . and love, and joy, and giving, and being real, and letting others be themselves. 

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Honored to Be a Military Wife This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is for honoring our fallen military members. From a military spouse on Memorial Day. As a military spouse the responsibility that comes with freedom has been a very real part of our lives with 24 years of service to our nation. In those years we have been blessed with live and work in the company of hero’s, both those who wear the uniform and those who support them. We have rejoiced at homecomings and celebrated promotions, and we have grieved friends we have lost. Today we remember the fallen with grateful hearts and a renewed commitment to uphold the great responsibility that comes with freedom.

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How to Identify and Overcome Negative Thinking

Your mindset is a vital part of who you are, what you believe, and how you live. Mindset has to do with the beliefs that help you make sense of life, learn and grow, make and accomplish goals, and much more. Learn how to identify and overcome negative thinking patterns that hold you back. Ready to get rid of "stinkin' thinkin'"?

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10 Bible Verses to Encourage Moms When They Need It Most

A collection of powerful Bible verses that have encouraged me in 28 years of being a mom. Print the free downloadable list to pray for and encourage the moms of all ages in your life. Give the gift of encouragement this Mother's Day. Being a mother takes commitment, hard work, and plenty of love. We often need words of encouragement in the parenting journey. As babies grow into adults the challenges our children face are bigger and the stakes are higher. We need encouragement to trust God with our children in the vital work of mothering.

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What Is Spiritual Rest and Why Do We Need It?

What is the meaning of spiritual rest and why is finding rest for our soul important? Spiritual rest is easy to overlook until we face the burnout of mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion. Worry, anxiety, anger, frustration, bitterness, unforgiveness, and stress burden our souls. Different from self-care, soul care restores our spirit, empowering us to experience peace and perseverance when we face challenges. Inspiration to rest for Christian women struggling with worry over the problems of life. Matthew 11:28-30 teaches us to rely on Christ and trust him with our challenges. The Bible has much to say about rest.

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