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Invited to Come to God with Confidence

What does it mean to come with confidence to God? The meaning of Hebrews 4:16 reveals God's invitation to trust and rely on him, especially in our failures, sins, and challenges. This verse shares the truth that God welcomes us with mercy, grace, and help as we come to him with our needs. As we cultivate the spiritual habits of prayer and trust, we develop a deeper relationship with God that is based on confidence in God rather than in ourselves. 

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Love God

Come to Jesus with Child-Like Faith

We are invited to come close to Jesus with child-like faith. Jesus taught a powerful lesson on faith when He blessed the children. The simplicity, trust, and joy of children shows us practical ways to a deeper relationship with God. Consider how you can come to Jesus with the faith of a child. Faith like a child, simple and pure—this is a choice we all have every day.

little girl in the grass blows the seeds of a dandylion.

23 Bible Verses to Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

The Bible teaches the value of giving thanks with a variety of truths and instructions that help us cultivate a grateful heart. Giving thanks is also an important practice for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. This post explores what we can learn about gratitude from a variety of Scriptures on giving thanks.

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