23 Bible Verses to Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

The Bible teaches the value of giving thanks with a variety of truths and instructions that help us cultivate a grateful heart. Giving thanks is also an important practice for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. This post explores what we can learn about gratitude from a variety of Scriptures on giving thanks.

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5 Things You Need to Know About God’s Guidance

Get help when you need to pray for God's guidance. Praying for God's guidance and waiting for answers can be a frustrating process. Be encouraged with five truths about God's guidance from Psalm 25 to help you pray with a trusting heart. Develop confidence that God care's about your concerns as you discover He is worth the wait. Don't miss the free printable prayer and Scripture in this popular post from Ginger Harrington.


20 Powerful Blessings and Scriptures to Pray for Godly Marriage

A blessing is the profound act of willing and speaking good into the life of another person. Discover the power of prayer to build strong and goldly marriages with this collection of blessings and Scriptures. Be inspired with biblical principles that foster good marriages and healthy families. May this collection of blessings, prayers, and Scriptures help you pray for marriages in your life.

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