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Listening to God

How to Get to Know God’s Voice

Get to know God's voice with helpful truths and encouragement from Ginger Harrington and Jenny Randle. Author interview, book review, and book giveaway will equip you to hear God more clearly. Biblical truth, inspiration, and practical tips for Christian women to ignite spiritual growth by listening to God.

Embrace Truth

When You Long for God to Speak to You

Are you longing to hear God speak to you personally? You aren’t alone. A spiritual hearing more than a physical listening, recognizing God’s voice can be challenging. Habakkuk 2:1-2 is a helpful Bible passage that provides spiritual inspiration for listening to God for Christian women who desire to discern God’s voice.


Why You Should Stop Discounting Your Anxiety

There are many uncertainties to feed fear during these unprecedented days of COVID, social distancing, economic shutdowns, racial strife, and high-stakes elections. Now more than ever, it’s important to identify anxiety and seek support or help.


Wisdom for Living Well on Life’s Journey + Author Interview

Recommended books for wisdom for living well on life's journey for Christian women. Resources for spiritual growth help us to deepen our relationships with God and others. Intentional living that aligns our lives with God's truth is the gift of journeying well with God, ourselves, and others. Author interview with Maggie Wallem Rowe.



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