5 Simple Ways Silence Can Deepen Your Faith + Printable

Sound becomes the white noise of our souls keeping us distracted and disconnected from God. In Quiet Times, Bible study, devotions, and daily life with Jesus, silence can deepen our faith. Becoming comfortable with silence helps Christian women to connect with God on a more intimate level.  With free printable.

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Overcome Three Problems of Careless Listening

My thoughts scramble like a herd of cats in my head, each one going a different direction. Too late, I realize I’m half-listening to those around me. We listen to the conversations around us and we listen to the rattle of the words in our heads. Overcome three problems of careless listening.

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When It’s Time to Let Go of Our Children

Parenting, Kid's leaving home

The morning my daughter was set to leave for Australia, I woke with a heavy heart. That one-way ticket, the reality of saying goodbye pressed hard against the joyful knowledge that she is following God’s lead.I will open my hands to hold onto God rather than cling to what I cannot keep. In a way, this is hoarding the past and today is a time for something new.

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