As promised, today begins a summary of the worship tips from The Christmas Worship Challenge. All of the worship tips can be applied in many ways. In order to help us get the most out of the time we invested in worship last month, it will be practical to have a list of the tips from the various posts. Nothing more frustrating than to want to go back to a particular tip and rummage through all the old posts.


Worship Tips

I will link the tips with the post in which they first appeared in case you want to look up more detail.

1. Seek Him.

Expect Jesus.

2. Rejoice.

“Rejoice with exceedingly great joy.” Ask God to fill your heart with joy of His Spirit, joy that is energized by appreciating the wonder of Christ.

3. Come in. Be intentional. Be focused.

Motivation and attention are keys for entering into the meaning of the words of Scripture. Participate. Don’t just hover at the door, almost in, but not quite. Come in. Get close. Get personal with Christ.

4. Worship with a whole-heart.

The more deeply we encounter the reality of Christ, the more spontaneous and true  worship will be.

5. Open your treasures.

Open your heart, your time, and the desires of your heart. Lay them at His feet as an act of worship. “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.”–Luke 12:34

6. Give Him your gifts.

Ask God to show you ways to give of yourself and your abundance, to give of your heart as you worship Him.

7. Obey God’s directions.

How can God work through your obedience to accomplish His will? How amazing that God chooses us to participate in fulfilling His Kingdom.

8. Look and Linger

The words are here for anyone to read, but only those who seek and treasure what they find will catch greater glimpses of God’s glory.

What do the words say? So simple, but such a great opportunity for worship. When you truly look at what is there your heart responds with worship.

9. Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Loving God is our greatest command, and it is the source of our deepest worship. Resist the temptation of fragmented worship: mind without heart, heart lacking energy…

10. Choose to Believe

Choose to worship instead of worry. Instead of fearful or anxious thoughts, choose to rejoice because Christ is Immanuel, God with us. Remember that He is with you in everything that you do today. Enjoy His presence by faith.

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