How Do You Find Peace? My Recent Article in Refresh Bible Study Magazine

How Do You Find Peace? Step away from the stress with peaceful insights to refresh your soul.

I’m excited to share my recent article published in the August issue of Refresh Magazine! In today’s world, stress has become our normal condition. Our culture has many formulas for peace, or at least lots of ways to make us feel better. Try this, do that, buy this entice advertisements. The world’s false peace shimmers on the horizon, visible, but always out of reach.

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Truth to Hang on to When Life is Busy

I did manage to multi-task…once. I believe that was back in 1997. Just kidding, but I do find it a challenge to keep up with many things and do it all to the level that I’d like. Maybe this is a struggle for you as well. If so, let’s encourage each other! The temptation is to look ahead and want to panic. Or maybe just hyperventilate a bit. That’s the temptation but not the truth.

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It’s Not All About the Words: Photography is Art in the Moment

Today I am sharing recent time of worship through photography. For me, this is time spent with God appreciating the beauty and art all around, fingerprints of God’s touch on the world around us. Worship through images is a time of fellowship with God appreciating the glory in the simple things, a moment in time held in my hand. The following pictures were taken on the campus at Ridgecrest Conference Center, location of the Blue Ridge Christian Mountain Writers Conference that I recently attended. (#brmcwc).

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