10 Most-Loved Posts and Best of the Blog of 2023

In this post you’ll find Ginger Harrington’s top 10 posts and reader favorites in 2023. This is the best of the blog with biblical wisdom for a deeper life of hope and health.  Cultivate healthy habits and spiritual practices for your body, soul, and spirit.

Whether you are new around here or been one of thousands of long-term readers, enjoy the top 10 posts and reader favorites from Ginger Harrington in 2023. After all, health and wellness begins in the heart and soul, shaping our beliefs, attitudes, and habits. Build better health for the whole person and get more resources from Ginger in The Deeper Life Collection for subscribers or take The Wellness Challenge today. 


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10 Biblical Ways to Show Love

This post features an excerpt from one of the chapters in my award-winning book, Holy in the MomentLoving one another is often easier said than done. We have good intentions to love others well, but it can be challenging to get our focus off ourselves to put others first. The Bible shows us practical ways to express love that make a real difference. According to Google, this is the most-read post on my site this year. READ MORE

 Six Important Truths About Listening to God

Discover what the Bible says about  listening to God with six truths from Isaiah 50:4-5. Hearing God  in Scripture helps us to develop deeper faith as we learn how to listen to God. Experience the benefits of listening to God when reading the Bible to accelerate your spiritual growth. Enjoy this updated version of one of my most read posts on how to listen to God. READ MORE

What is Spiritual Rest and Why Do We Need It?

What is the meaning of spiritual rest and why is finding rest for our soul important? Spiritual rest is easy to overlook until we face the burnout of mental, emotional, or physical exhaustion. Worry, anxiety, anger, frustration, bitterness, unforgiveness, and stress burden our souls. Different from self-care, soul care restores our spirit, empowering us to experience peace and perseverance when we face challenges. READ MORE

10 Bible Verses for a Healthy Soul

What does it mean to have a prospering soul? If your physical health was in the same condition that your spiritual health is, how healthy would you be? Vibrant health includes more than the physical condition of our bodies. Are you neglecting the health of your soul in your pursuit of your best life? 3 John 2 shows that as we grow in faith, spiritual blessings overflow into other areas of life. In this post you will find 10 Bible Verses for a healthy soul. READ MORE

15 Ways to Overcome Distraction and Focus Your Attention on God

In today’s digital age of distraction, it is difficult to focus our attention on God. Learn to overcome distraction to focus your attention on God with the simple ideas in this post. Discover practical tips to help you listen to God and develop spiritual attention, as you become more aware of his presence. Increase your ability to listen to God, to calm your mind when thoughts and tasks pull you many different directions. READ MORE

A Prayer to Put on the Armor of God + Printable

Spiritual battles are a part of daily living. Discover how to put on the armor of God with a free Armor of God Prayer based on Ephesians 6. From small skirmishes to all-out war, prayer is a vital part of putting on the armor of God. Prayer empowers us to receive the spiritual strength of God to stand firm. Ephesians 6:18 instructs us to pray at all time with all kinds of prayers as part of our spiritual battle plan. This post features on of my top free resources in the Deeper Life Collection. READ MORE

Help for Moments When Anxiety and Worry Get the Best of You

We all need encouragement and help when powerful emotions, fearful thoughts, and difficult circumstances get the best of us. Spiritual wisdom, biblical truth, and practical strategies are keys to deepen faith and peace to respond rather than react when anxiety strikes.  Be sure to get your free Emotional Health Workbook for processing your emotions at the end of this post READ MORE

6 Healthy Ways to Process Your Feelings with Faith

Discover more healthy ways to process your feelings with faith to help you work through painful emotions and stressful challenges. Consider Bible verses that can help us process painful feelings. Emotional health is vital for a healthy soul, empowering us to be aware of and cope with our feelings in positive ways. How we handle our feelings can foster emotional health when we work through our emotions with Christ. READ MORE

A Father’s Legacy and Father’s Day Sermon

Fathers have the capacity to leave a powerful legacy for their children and the generations to come. The legacy a dad leaves has to do with the things he passes on to his children, what he gives them in terms of love, support, wisdom, character, and faith. Don’t miss the printable blessings to pray for Fathers at the end of this post. The greatest thing that we can do beyond loving and appreciating the fathers in our lives is to pray for them. Watch Ginger’s Father’s Day Sermon honoring fathers at the end of this post. Read more.


Simple Ways to Love God And Enjoy Your Life

A powerful encouragement for anyone who struggles to overcome anxiety, perfectionism, insecurity, or other mindsets that hold us back.

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