Out of SyncSome words are just weird. Like some of its strange sisters, the word sync, short for synchronize, is no exception. Relatively new to the English language, originating in the 1930’s, sync is one of those words I seem to have a love-hate relationship with.

The word sync has to do with harmonious relationships–at least two things that are working together in a good grove (definition is mine). Originally it was used in the movie industry to indicate whether or not the sound was matching up with the action. We can all remember old films where the actor’s mouth moved and then the dialogue followed a bit behind, words out of sync. This is the effect of close, but not quite right.

Don’t you love it when life syncs up nicely?

When things are in sync in my life, everything seems to roll along smoothly. People get where they are supposed to be, dinner finds its way to the table on time, bills are paid, tempers and irritations are held in check, spirit, family, work, health, and friends  somehow balance–for the most part.


Here is how my life often seems to roll. There will be a period of relative calm, productivity, good will…things are in sync. My prized synchronization of life and soul slowly unravel, first one little habit or relationship begins to slide. This usually happens because pace and task increase at the same time that someone or something requires extra attention.  Preoccupied with other things, I ignore the downward slide. Now out of sync, something else reacts to  the magnetic pull of the disruption, and is drawn out of balance. Before I know it,  my lovely productivity and harmony is once again a goal to work toward.

Out of sync…again.

Let me fill in some of the details on this crazy cycle that comes like the seasons or the tide, seemingly inevitable. The busier or more disrupted life gets,  the harder it is to exercise consistently. One workout gets sacrificed to a deadline or activity, and then another….and another. Lulled into the haze of the busy, the eating habits begin to slide as well. One order of fries because we’re on vacation quickly gives way to many other “splurges.” Then the spurge-worthy becomes the normal. The end result of exercise and diet getting out of sync shows up on the scale and on the hips.

Here’s another example of how quickly important things in life slip out of sync. Let’s talk about the spiritual workouts of the soul, depth in prayer and conversing with God through the scriptures. God’s word is frequently associated with nourishment–bread, manna, sweeter than honey, living water are a few of the references that have to do with Christ and the eternal words of God. Disrupted summer schedules make an easy excuse to skip time in the Word. One day blends into the next day filled with things to do, people to see, and places to go. “Tomorrow, Lord, I’ll get to it tomorrow…

IMGP3029Now I have long left the stage of obligation and duty in my devotional time with God. I know that God’s Word feeds my soul. I look forward to discovering what He has to say each time I open the well-worn blue leather cover of my Bible.

Yet still, it is all too easy to slip out of sync and my soul-strength shrivels. Soul out of sync, my insecurities and selfish desires rise up. Mole hills turn into mountains and I get irritated more quickly. Motivation slips away and I’d rather play than work. I indulge in negative self-talk as if it were hot fudge on ice cream, yet the taste is bitter to my heart.

Frustration fights with peace until I finally turn. Lay it down. Let it go.

Repentant and seeking, I open my Bible with an apology on my lips instead of a prayer.

Psalm 36

The light of God’s encouragement reminds me of what I have known but missed. Reflecting on the God-Words, Father speaks kindly to my self-condemning spirit as I write the words that echo in my heart.

Frustration and motivation– these are the dogs that nip at your feet. Do not be distracted by your emotions; press forward and keep moving, keep seeking Me. I am always here, always a part of you, Child of God.  The best way through spiritual lethargy is to fall back on discipline-keep coming and keep drinking. Resist the pressure to make yourself into something. Drink from my fountain, filling your soul with My life, and the abundance of my Words will increase in your thoughts, words, and actions. This is part of renewing/transforming your mind as I wash away the false pressures and the tempting distractions of your world. Your task is to come and surrender yourself as a living and holy sacrifice. Put your heart in my hand and be reminded that your efforts do not make you righteous. My gift is grace and  renewing the soul out of sync is my specialty. I am more than able to renew, mold and shape you into the person I desire for you to be. Worship puts your heart in sync with Me.

Ready to recharge your spirit this summer? Try these ideas to refresh your spiritual routine.

Are you in or out of sync in your life today? I’d love to hear from you:)



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