Who is My Neighbor?

Luke 10, the good samaritan

The meaning of the word neighbor is as broad as anyone and as specific as the person in need right in front of us. It cuts through our notions of self-importance and our facades of compassion. It rips the pretense of our religious postures, exposing the condition of the heart and the tendency to by-pass the needs of others.

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How to Love God with Your Life

Questions come dressed in all kinds of reasons. Questions can muse and ponder, struggle and scrape, or probe and pierce. There are questions that hurt, desperate for a healing touch. Others yearn for a word of wisdom to strengthen a floundering life. Still more questions seek answers contained in solid information.…

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It’s Simply Not About the Fish or the Work

So many times I have read this familiar story, focusing on the work and the fish. I have often approached this story from the perspective of God’s provision and ability. It’s easy to get enamored with the big catch. I’ve done that. I’ve asked God to enter my boat and I’ve trusted Him for results with work that seems fruitless.

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