Simple Encouragement When Work Fails

Luke 5 gives encouragement in our work

How do we find encouragement when we’ve worked hard and our nets are empty? We’ve all had a day like this. Maybe your whole week has been like this and you’re tired of it. Sometimes the weariness goes deeper when you’ve cast months or years of effort into something, hoping to pull in the catch of your dreams.
At the end of the day are you muttering, “All this work for nothing? What’s the point?”

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Simple Choices for Your Busy Moments

Savoring blessings wrapped up in the moment gives us time to breathe in the midst of our busy. Discovering joy creates energy by changing our perspective. Choosing to treasure the little things can move us from frantic to flexible, enabling us to bend with grace and carry heavy loads lightly. Becky Keife is sharing today!

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