Three Simple Ways to Keep Faith Fresh This Christmas

December days can whip up a massive case of the busys.

Parties to attend, people to see, gifts to buy, cards to send, cookies to bake… Festive can easily turn into frantic. We want to keep Christ the center of Christmas, but it can be hard to keep faith fresh at Christmas. Distracted and busy, it’s all too easy to loose sight of the reason we celebrate Christmas. We look for simple ways to keep faith fresh at Christmas.

Somewhere in the muddle of all the need-to-do’s, have-to-do’s, and want-to-do’s, we find ourselves feeling disconnected and distant from the very Savior we celebrate.

Every year, we say, “This year will be different,” thinking greater organization will create more time to relish the wonder of an infinite God entering our world as an infant. However, as much as we love all of the festivity Christmas brings, we need more than plan to stay focused on Christ and keep the chaos under control. We need a change of heart.

Discover three simple ways to keep faith fresh this Christmas.

Three Simple Ways to Keep Faith Fresh This Christmas

Together, let’s ask God to refresh our hearts. Let’s commit keep our attention on the holy, rather than squeeze devotion into any left over moments. Time doesn’t come in leftovers, particularly this time of year. Finding balance begins with setting priorities and evaluating expectations.

1. Invite God

What if we all begin each day with an invitation, even before we’re out of bed? “Father, I invite you into this day. Keep my heart grounded and my steps in line with you today. In all the things I do today, help me to follow your leadership.”

Galatians 5:25 Live by the Spirit this Christmas

During busy December days, it’s tempting to forgo time spent with God. December can be a good time to change your devotional routine, inviting something fresh. Try one of these quick ideas to keep your time with God focused and fresh this Christmas.

  • Try a One Thing Journal. Read a passage and write down one thing to reflect on. Short can be deep if we reflect on that one thing through out the day.
  • Read Psalms and focus on worshipping Christ as you read. Look for ways to praise and rejoice.
  • Give the gift of prayer. Read a short passage of Scripture and pray one of the verses for one person each day.

2. Let go of perfectionism.

As women, we often approach Christmas with a high level of responsibility, feeling like it is all on us to create the perfect holiday for our families. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has felt this…

When our children were small, I remember staying up late and feeling the push to do it all. Decorating, baking, gift-making, wrapping, activities, service projects, devotions, crafts….

You name it, we did it. We have many wonderful memories and I don’t regret all of that. I’m just acknowledging perfectionism, that desire to create picture-perfect moments  the pressure of our own expectations to make sure Christmas is a special time for everyone. This is a time of year when good can distract us from best.

Schedule the most important things first this Christmas, include time to worship.

  • Take time to prayerfully plan for what is most important for your family this Christmas. Schedule the most important things so you make time for them.
  • Invite God into your planning, seeking His wisdom for a pace that will work for you and your family this year.
  • Examine your expectations of what Christmas should be like, and be willing to let go of that “perfect holiday” mindset.

3. Don’t do it all yourself.

Involve your family in planning and preparing for activities, meals, and celebrations. Establish a “work together” tradition. Time spent together in preparations can provide some great moments. Whenever my kids help me cook, we have good conversations. There’s something about working side-by-side that can get kids talking.

Your kids can add a different twist and new ideas to your Christmas preparations. Our family usually sends a family picture with our Christmas card. Some years, taking that family Christmas card photo involved a lot of stress and strife of wiggly kids and unwilling teens.

Keep family Christmas photo taking fun.

  • After taking the “pretty” Christmas card picture, the one where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, we let the kids loose for fun pictures. The results create some hilarious moments.
  • Draw family names for mystery gifts of service each week in December. Try to guess who had your name.
  • Designate a daily “helper elf” to help you do some of the extra tasks at Christmas. Let the helper elf have a special privilege makes it fun. You can even get an elf hat at a party supply store to make it extra fun for younger kids.

The Christmas helper elf is a fun way to get kids to help prepare for Christmas.

Staying focused on Christ and keeping a sane schedule keeps faith fresh. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas that add meaning and worship to your holiday. Inviting God into each day, letting go of perfectionism, and sharing responsibilities are three simple concepts to add faith and vitality to your Christmas this year.

How do you keep faith fresh at Christmas?

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  1. My theme this year isn’t “don’t do it all yourself” as much as simply “don’t do it all” – I realized I don’t need to do everything I always do. I’m cutting back and scaling down and I am no where near as stressed.

    • I love that simple clarification, Heather. Don’t do it all yourself and don’t do it all are distinctly different. A de-stressed mom blesses everyone! Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for visiting today.

  2. Don’t do it all yourself, I’m doing better in this department in 2016. My husband helped buying and wrapping a few gifts, and my kids are now old enough to help in little ways too. They actually decorated the tree almost-all by themselves. It was heavenly.

    • It is fun when kids get old enough to help out! We are preparing for an open house and my kids (19, 21, 23) did all the clean up for me so I could focus on food prep. It was “the Bomb” of party prep. I’m so thankful for their help. Have a blessed Christmas, Sarah!

  3. 3 Insightful tips as we are a week out from Christmas Ginger. My favorite is #1-Invite God. Reminds me of a few words from Prov. 3:5-6 “acknowledge Him in all your ways” God will show us what is most important each day. May we always prioritize our time with the Savior, everything else can wait. I must say, I’m glad we are changing it up this year and doing an “elephant” Christmas. I think this will be fun and take the pressure off everyone feeling like they have to show up at mom’s with presents for everyone! I am always inspired when reading your thoughts here. Have a fantastic weekend and may you and yours have a blessed holiday season!

    • “Elephant” exchanges are such fun. I bet your family will have a blast with that. Even though I wrote this post, I’m still having to really press through to carve out time for devotion. It’s so worth it! Thank you for your kind comments. I’m really looking forward to reading your book on prayer!

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