As we prepare for Christmas during the social distancing and uncertainty of Covid-19, we know this Christmas will be different. This year, I’m updating the Christmas Worship Challenge to embrace the peace of Christ in this difficult time. Won’t you join me?

Christmas 2020 is not cancelled.

With all the cancellations we’ve faced this year, we know the Christmas season will be different. Are you feeling a little anxious about making the season special with limited opportunity to go and do? This year will be more low key with no concerts, events, or big parties.

The introverts are happy and the extraverts are dreading the idea of no festivities to attend with fifty of their best friends. How are you feeling about navigating Christmas this year?

What would it look like to entrust our losses to Jesus, laying them down as gifts of surrender as shepherds and wise men knelt to worship the babe in the manger?

After so many months of forgoing normal activities, I’m going to miss seeing friends and extended family. But in the different, we have an opportunity to embrace a slower pace and a simpler holiday this year. We have an opportunity to elevate peace over strife at the end this unprecedented year. This is the perfect time to create holy moments as we focus on Jesus, the reason we celebrate Christmas. Here’s the good news:

Discover the holy in your holiday with The Christmas Worship Challenge. Daily devotions, activities, and music to focus on Christ first this Christmas. Biblical wisdom for Christian women to grow spiritually this Christmas.

Embrace the holy in your holiday.

Let’s  practice the holy habit of worship, cherishing the presence of Christ, our Immanuel. How could this Christmas be special when we put worship at the top of our Christmas to-do list?  Choose to put the best first and rediscover the gift of simplicity by taking The Christmas Worship Challenge.


But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Matthew 6:33

Consider this verse in light of the Christmas season. The spiritual principal here is profoundly practical. In a few words, Jesus teaches us how to keep our priorities in order.

Seek Him first…

Can it be that choosing to worship first, that we will be better equipped spiritually and practically to enjoy all the wonder of this different Christmas? In truly worshipping Christ, we will find strength to trust God in uncertainty and hope for the future. May our hearts heal as we choose worship over worry this Christmas.

So here’s the challenge…

I invite you to join me as we seek to increase our heart for worship throughout December. As we begin this special month, let’s ask God to open our hearts with an intention to worship and treasure the true wonder of Christmas.

This Christmas Worship Challenge series draws our attention to Christ.  I will share Scripture, practical suggestions, and insights to enhance worship. I will often link to music videos as a part of worship.

You may be thinking, “Nice thought, but I don’t have time.” My goal is to keep this short, giving a few thoughts to chew on. The challenge is to work on developing a mindset to worship, to enjoy God’s presence throughout the day.

Let’s do this together and experience the joy that comes from worshipping Christ. This challenge will not be complete without participation. You can find The Christmas Worship Challenge here or on my Christmas Corner page. I’ll also post devotions and challenge activities on my Facebook page. Let’s encourage one another and share insights, experiences, and blessings that come with being intentional in worship this month.

Are you ready to rejoice?

Catch the entire series here.

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