Are Your Feelings Defining Your Faith? + Book Bundle Giveaway

Emotionally healthy spirituality is an important part of Christian discipleship. Spiritual growth accelerates as we learn to experience our feelings yet still make the choice to embrace the truth of who we are in Christ. Join me for a guest post and Soul Strength Book Bundle Giveaway!

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Three Things I Learned From Depression

Dr. Michellle Bengtson, author of #HopePrevails ahares Three Things I Learned From Depression

Depression. It’s a cruel invisible disease—one that we can’t see but can have devastating effects that hurt not just those who suffer but their families and future generations as well.

Guest Author, Dr. Michelle Bengtson of #HopePrevails, shares, “As a neuropsychologist, I diagnose and treat patients in my office every week who suffer from the devastating effects of this invisible yet heart-wrenching condition and my heart goes out to them because I know the pain they face. I’ve been there.”

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