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 Living by faith rather than our emotions is often easier said than done. Just this morning, I had to remind myself that my feelings do not define what is true.

Emotionally healthy spirituality is an important but often overlooked part of Christian discipleship. Spiritual growth accelerates as we learn to experience our feelings yet still make the choice to embrace the truth of who we are in Christ. Join me for a guest post and Soul Strength Book Bundle Giveaway!

How about you, my friend? Have you struggled with feelings that make you feel less than, not good enough, or left behind? Have the deluge of bad-news headlines, natural disasters, and the pandemic created a whirl-wind of emotions that make you fearful of the future?

Are you navigating the challenge of virtual schooling while trying to work from home and feeling frustrated that you just can’t do it all? Have your feelings made it hard to live in the truth of who you are in Christ?

Emotionally healthy spirituality is an important part of discipleship.


Most of us struggle on some level to live like who we are rather than how we feel in the moment.  Consider a conversation I had with a friend as we grappled with the truth that we really are holy in Christ (1 Peter 2:5,9).

“I sure don’t feel holy. I try to be a great mom, but then I yell at my kids . . . again. Or I get impatient with my husband. My good intentions seem to do me no good as harsh words fly out of my mouth. How can I be holy when I can’t seem to get a handle on frustration and anger? I feel like I’ll never measure up to the person God wants me to be,” Angie said with a sigh.

I could relate to her words, remembering the many times I’ve struggled with the tension between my feels and my faith.

God is at work in you.


We all need frequent reminders that we are God’s work in progress:

The art of living by faith rather than feelings comes down to remembering that God is continually doing a good work in and through us. Resist the temptation to allow your feelings to rob you of confidence in Christ. Christian inspiration for women seeking a deeper faith in God to thrive in identity in Christ.

Do you feel stuck in the old ways of letting feelings define your value and boss your heart around? When feelings overshadow faith, it creates an internal struggle. Angie didn’t feel holy, but the truth is she is holy and loved in Christ (Colossians 3:12).

It’s tempting measure our spiritual condition based on feelings. Maybe you’ve had thoughts like these:

  • I don’t feel like God hears my prayers.
  • I don’t feel like God is with me.
  • I don’t feel like God really accepts me.
  • I don’t feel like I’m saved.
  • I don’t feel like I’m free from guilt.
  • I don’t feel like . . .

Spiritual growth accelerates as we learn to experience our feelings yet still make the choice to embrace the truth of who we are in Christ.

This guest post has been adapted from Holy in the Moment: Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Life.

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Friend, there is freedom, healing, growth, and victory for you when you hold fast to what God says is true of precious you! See you at Lucinda’s!

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