Psalm 37:6


Let’s continue diving into Psalm 37 and God’s simple instructions for living life full out. Choosing and releasing, learning and letting are all tangled up in the bare bones of Psalm 37:1-5:

When my focus runs like a wild thing, searching in a million directions, the world seems way too big. I feel too small to make a difference.  I give into worry, fretting about people and situations, as problems  grow bigger than God in my skewed emotions. When my selfish desires strong-arm my good intentions, I wonder, Why  in the world would a holy God spend His time on me? These are the moments, the days when I need to keep working on these simple habits of faith. Trust, dwell, delight…

Footsteps of faith

Making the most of each day has everything to do with taking these daily footsteps of faith, realizing they are all different ways of trusting God.

When we keep putting one foot of faith in front of the other, choosing to trust God today, to do good today, to be all there today, to delight in God, the hardest of days will become a most-kind of day.

Here’s the key.

  • What we do matters.
  • What we choose matters.
  • What we believe matters.

I started out this year with an unsettled restlessness, unsure of my path as I keep passing my days with heart trying to work its way out through the clacking of my fingers on a keyboard. Trying to measure what I cannot see, I ask God, am I really doing what I am supposed to be doing? Am I faithfully following Your plan, the God-given desires You’ve placed in my heart? Or am I stubbornly, determinedly trying to fit into a mold of my own making? 

Overcoming self-doubt

As I lay my heart open in these words of Psalm 37, God presses in with a whisper, Trust in Me with your whole heart. Commit your desires and concerns, your fears and failures to Me.  Dwell where you are…which is in Me.

Cultivate faithfulness by feeding on truth. Digest it and it will nourish your life. Work hard, but don’t let the work take My place. It is part of your life, don’t let it become your life. It is something you do, not something you are.

When we trust and dwell…

God does the heavy lifting, transforming our hearts and bringing out the best in us.<Tweet this.

Concentrate on the simple things, these dwelling things, and I will bring you where you are going. Delight in Me, not in your way, not in your doing. Now is the time to live it out. Now is the time to make the most of each day, and I will bring it.

I am seeing anew that these footsteps of faith, these daily habits of trusting and delighting in God, place me right where I need to be–secure in the circle of His arms. Letting go of myself, I can receive what He is doing, the transforming stamp of God on a life.

He will

bring forth

your righteousness.

The work that bogs down a soul comes when I try to make myself right. Forgetting that God is the only one who can and will bring out His life in me, I run the treadmill of try harder and do more.

It is God’s way of doing and being right that our souls crave. This bringing forth is His work in us and it is righteousness that is received rather than achieved.

How crazy-backwards we mix up the work of this faith life. The only work required is to trust Him, to live life believing. He is the one who brings it.

And when God brings it, we will truly experience the most and the best of each day.< Tweet this.

How are you learning to let God bring it in your life?

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