Welcome to week four of the Holy in the Moment Book Club!

For many, holiness is a church word associated with formal religion, holy communion, and holy week. But the reality is that holiness is a natural and integral part of your identity in Christ if you have accepted Jesus as your savior.

The life-long journey of growing in holiness, happens as we learn to live out of our identity in Christ, bringing our thoughts, words, beliefs, desires, and actions in line with the nature of Jesus within us. This is the work that God is doing within, making us holy and whole, spirit, soul, and body.

Navigating your soul.

When we drill down to the soul level, our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes reveal what we are believing in the moment. They are also key components to loving God, embracing truth, enjoying life, as we overcome the flesh-traits and old messages that keep us stuck. This week in the Holy in the Moment Book Club, we are going deeper into soul territory as we explore the importance of our feelings and obedience, which are bridges to good attitudes.

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Have you got your holy on? Enjoying life comes down to the choices we make in the moment. Holy in the Moment is a book to learn simple ways to love God, embrace truth, and enjoy the life of Christ as God makes you holy and whole.

Chapter 10: Moments to Feel

  • Our thoughts and feelings reveal what we believe in the moment. How can this awareness empower you to process your emotions?
  • What false beliefs, misperceptions, or negative messages do you most commonly struggle with? What kinds of situations trigger your flesh? How are they sabotaging your faith?
  • What are you learning about the relationship between emotional and spiritual growth? What aspect of handling emotions do you need to process with God?
  • How can choosing to act like who you are in Christ rather than how you feel make a practical difference in your life? What can help you make this holy choice? What is one truth you most need to embrace today?
Hold on to what is true rather than what you feel. God is making you holy and whole. Holiness is a gift to receive and part of who you are in Christ. Hang on to truth today! Learn more in the award-winning book, Holy in the  Moment by Ginger Harrington.

Chapter 11: Moments to Obey

  • Based on your reading, what is the difference between legalism and holiness when it comes to obedience? In what ways does choosing to obey God foster growth and freedom in your life?
  • How would you explain the relationship between obeying God and enjoying God to someone?
  • What is one challenge you face in choosing obedience? What specific concepts have you learned in the book that are changing your thoughts, feelings, or behavior in this struggle?

Moments to Choose Good Attitudes

  • Jesus came that we might have abundant life (John 10:10). How can choosing to rely on Christ in the moment open the door to joy in your life?
  • How do negative attitudes trigger flesh and hinder holiness in your life? What are your most common attitude struggles and what coping ways of the flesh do they trigger? Example: Uncertainty in my life easily triggers fear and anxiety in my life.
Don't let worry rob you of joy! Trusting God is choosing holy in the moment. Learn more in the award-winning book, Holy in the Moment, by Ginger Harrington.
  • How frequently do you struggle with comparison, complaint, or criticism? What new choices can you make that will defuse the power of negative attitudes at work in your day to day?
  • What is God revealing to you about the enemy’s tactics to steal your joy and block you for experiencing the life of Christ in your life?
  • What little victories can you rejoice in today? Are there any big wins in your life that you have not taken time to celebrate with God?

Well done, Friend! These are thought-provoking questions that require you to get real with yourself and with God. You will discover that as you begin to process your thoughts and emotions in light of God’s truth, the Holy Spirit will help you be more aware of what you are actually believing in the moment.

Awareness is a key to making an intentional choice to love God, embrace truth, and enjoy life. Practice choosing holy in the moment as you process your emotions, respond with obedience, and enjoy life with a good attitude! What’s your favorite part of the book so far? Leave a comment and share what God is doing in your life through the book!

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