Choosing God’s best in our daily moments empowers us to enjoy life to the fullest.

Join author Ginger Harrington for week six of the Holy in the Moment Book Club for discussion questions for chapters 15-16 of the book.

It’s not always easy is it?

For the past five weeks, we’ve been focusing on unpacking the content of Holy in the Moment with the Online Book Club. This is our final week. It’s been great to hear from so many of you that the questions have been helpful and impactful.

So often I read a book with good intentions of applying the wisdom I read. And then life happens. You know the story, right?

The dishwasher breaks, a friend has an emergency, my kids need something, and unforeseen tasks crop up at work. Before I know it, the busyness of life overshadows what I’ve learned. Processing what we read helps us to remember and apply, empowering change and growth in our lives.

Friendships and work are both areas of life that can bring joy and satisfaction. But friendships and work can also be the source of a lot of heart ache and stress when they don’t go well. How do we find God’s best in our relationships? How do we enjoy work without allowing our performance to define our worth? Consider the following questions to reflect on the final chapters of Holy in the Moment.

Be the friend you want to have. Friendship can have challenging moments, but it's worth the effort.

Chapter 15: Moments to Be a Good Friend

  • What qualities do you value in a friendship?
  • How have painful experiences in friendships impacted you? How can you invite God into these places of disappointment?
  • What choices can you make that will help you to be the friend you want to have?
  • How would you like to see God working in one of your friendships?
Holy moments are for relying on God to work through us in all that we do.

Chapter 16: Moments to Work

  • What suggestions from the book help you develop the habit of inviting Christ into your work?
  • How has the lie of “I’m not good enough” kept you from believing God will use you? What truth about your adequacy do you need to embrace today?
  • How can choosing to trust God with the results of your work free you from allowing success to define your worth and value?


  • What has impacted you most in your reading of this book?
  • Which simple ideas in the book have you incorporated into your life? How are you experiencing God working through your holy choices in the moment?
  • How has your perspective and experience of holiness changed through reflecting on the concepts in Holy in the Moment?

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