You’ve Been on This Mountain Long Enough Part 2

As you think about transitions in your life, have you ever had those days where what you think you see is overwhelming? Have you sent out your spies and found out there are some problems that seem bigger than you have the energy or ability to tackle? Has your vision shifted from God’s faithfulness to the size of a giant’s foot?

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Why Moving is More Than Unpacking: The Sacrifice of Accepting Change

Now we all know that moving is more than unpacking. It is just not that simple. Just not that easy. Getting settled is a little more challenging than making brownies, if you know what I mean. If you have never had to move, bless your heart and take my word for it.

God, being the multi-purpose God that He is, always has more up His sleeve than an address change when it comes to moving His kids. There is definitely a place where the practical meets the spiritual in the sovereign moving plans of God.

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