How long did it take you to write your first book? I’ve been asked this question a lot in recent days. Though I wrote the manuscript in less than five months, that’s not the real answer. Nope, not at all.

Some dreams are a long time coming, and waiting can seem like it will never end. Recently (March 2018) my debut book, Holy in the Moment: Simple Ways to Love God and Enjoy Your Life released with Abingdon Press.This journey began in 2008. Ten years. 415 blog posts. Four book proposals. Yes, some dreams do take time. Ten years and a lot of life growth is the more accurate answer. But here’s what I’m discovering: It’s worth the wait.

So much more than a religious version of perfectionism, holiness is a secret to enjoying life with freedom and joy. Offer your moments to God and trust Him to make you holy and whole, living well in the choices you make today.

Many times I wondered if I were being faithful or foolish to keep working “at a job I didn’t have.” Despite the challenges,  I see the waiting years differently on this side of the opportunity. God doesn’t waste a moment–especially when we’re waiting.

God does mighty things through the little choices we make to love, surrender, trust, pray, embrace truth, have good attitudes, and more. In Holy in the Moment, we're keeping it real and keeping it holy one choice at a time.

Maybe you have something you’re dreaming about, hoping for, and working toward. Maybe it’s a vocational goal or possibly a personal desire. Or maybe you’re simply praying your children will make it through school or stop fighting at the end of the day. Waiting is a necessary and vital part of life. Even so, it is a struggle to make the most of each day when waiting is hard.

As I do the 10,000 things that are on my to-do list today, I realize that if I had published Holy in the Moment several years ago, it would have been a lesser book. The waiting time has deepened this book and solidified the life message. I understand now that God was writing the message in my life before it could be written in a book.  I’m thrilled to publish my debut book, but the set-my-soul-free work God has done is the far bigger accomplishment. God’s work in our lives is what is truly worth the wait.

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”via @GingHarrington” hidden_hashtags=”#HolyintheMoment”]We think we’re waiting for an opportunity, but sometimes the opportunity is waiting for us. [/tweetthis]

Seeing what God has done in the writing of the book, I marvel at the extraordinary grace written on every page.  He wove it all together–the signature struggles of my life (anxiety, people-pleasing, insecurity and perfectionism),  a season of counseling, life experiences, as well as the years of study, ministry, writing, and teaching.  This book is richer and more transparent than what I would have published even a few years ago.

In her debut book, Holy in the Moment author, Ginger Harrington, brings holiness to the forefront and guides readers to see how intentional choices become holy habits. Readers will be excited to discover that holiness isn’t a rigid standard to keep but a gift to receive through a vital relationship with God.

The work He has done in my soul through the wait is what enabled me to be ready to write this particular book.

God will not waste your wait, your pain, frustration, or discouragement. All of these are part of the story He is writing in your life. He is doing far more through your daily choice to be faithful, to trust him, and to persevere than what you can see.

He is always working in the wait.

The other thing I discovered is this:

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#HolyintheMoment”]It takes as long as it takes and God is always on time.[/tweetthis]

I just wanted to share a slice of my process because we often have no idea of what goes into that book sitting on our bedside table. Maybe some books are easier to write, but for me, Holy in the Moment has been a choice to trust God one word at a time.

Packed with truths, ideas, and stories, Holy in the Moment will encourage women to make the practical and holy choice to rely on Christ in the moment.

Life is ramping up and there really are nearly 10,000 things to do. I’m grateful to have the support of family, friends, and a team of people helping me to get the word out about the book! We’ll be celebrating the book release with a FB party from 7-8:30 pm EST.


The first reviews are on Goodreads!

"#HolyintheMoment is amazing. Powerful - raw - purposeful - hopeful - challenging. I love it and am savoring each nugget of wisdom as I look to apply them to my walk with God today (in the moment)."--Michelle Kiefer

Enjoy a short review on Dawn Kling’s beautiful website. 

"This book is is all about bringing holiness into the ordinary moments of our daily lives.  Ginger illustrates the importance of choices that are made, and how those choices affect the way we live out a life of faith with stories from her own life.  She's relatable and honest and though this is a substantial book, the pages turn quickly because it's an engaging read."--Dawn Klinge

I enjoyed my  first radio interview on The River with Maxine and Jeannie.

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