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The new student orientation is the last place I want to be. Fidgeting with nerves, my sixteen-year-old daughter stands beside me. She is the new girl…again. Exhausted, I’m just as anxious as my daughter. I know I am absorbing her stress, but I can’t stop myself.

I am worn out with the cyclical starting over that is part of the rhythm of life as a military family. It’s been twenty-two years and too many moves and somehow the transitions of moving never get easier.

The weight of change presses in as I look into a sea of unfamiliar faces. The din of excited chatter only makes me feel more alone. Folding in on myself, I try to be invisible. I’m losing daunting task of breaking through the barrier of my emotion.

With a forced cheerfulness, I comment, “This looks like it’s going to be a great school.” I pray silently, “Lord, I just can’t do this today. In this moment I ‘m not brave, and today, meeting people is more than I can handle.”

The loudspeaker squawks a static-filled instruction for the students to gather in the auditorium while parents fill out forms. My girl runs her fingers through her hair, twirling the ends. She looks me in the eye and sets her shoulders with a let’s-do-this resolve. She smiles and I know.

In this moment, this slip of a girl is braver than I am.

Today, I am honored to be writing for (in)courage about a story of how God ministered to my aching heart with a simple act of kindness. [tweetthis]Finding the courage to reach out of our hard places can bring unexpected blessings.[/tweetthis]

We’ve all experienced moments when emotions hold us back, moments we need a little extra courage to do the simple things.

[tweetthis]Oh yes, The grace-gift of hello can make all the difference.[/tweetthis]

I hope these words will encourage you to embrace the power in every act of kindness.

Maybe this story is just what you need to remember that God provides strength when emotions overwhelm and you feel alone. One thing is certain, hello is a grace-gift we can all give to someone today.

Click here to read “The Grace Gift of Hello.”

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How has the grace-gift of hello made a difference in your life?







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