Everyday Choices for Living Faith

Faith that makes an difference every day.

Faith is for living life out of the shadows in the vibrancy of God.

Faith is real life for whole living in every moment. It is God’s life, his zao, that brings joy and true life. From faith to faith, we are learning that the word live means to enjoy real life, to know the vitality of God in our soul, to be active, powerful, and efficient, blessed eternally, to know true life and worth.

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Choose Faith for One Simple Thing

Faith is for this moment.

Like an umbrella shields us from the rain, faith covers us from the questions and fears that flood our souls. When storm clouds gather, rain can sprinkle in a mist or pelt in torrent and an umbrella is only as good as the using of it in the moment. Raise the umbrella of faith over the banter of doubt that echoes in your ears and tugs at your insides. Rest in this moment standing under the power of one holy choice to trust God, to hang onto hope.

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