Has parenting had surprise moments that bring you up short and make it hard to be steady? This may seem like a crazy question, considering that Mother’s Day was just yesterday. It was a good day, made special by expressions of love from my kids and a lovely bouquet of roses from my sweet husband.

Rose Close up


My Mother’s Day was a day of coming and going that made it impossible for the whole family to get together. One college student headed out the door for a week and the oldest college kid arrived home laden with a car full of dirty laundry, books, and stereo, and musical instruments. My dining room is filled with the college dorm paraphernalia that hasn’t found a place to roost for the summer.

Before leaving, my daughter cleaned up the kitchen unexpectedly. Score! What mom doesn’t love that particular surprise. Later in the day, my son fixed dinner, which was a treat. We were low-key and relaxed, grateful for the time together.


Basking in my Mama-glory, I remembered hard days when parenting was not peaceful.

Ephesians 42.jpg

I reflected on pull-your-hair-out times of frustration when I desperately needed God’s gift to every mother–the gift of patience. A fruit of the Holy Spirit, the presence of Christ expressing Himself from within my fallen frame, patience is a provision that helps mom’s stay steady and stand strong. In my own strength and ability, patience is a commodity of limited supply. Very limited.

Yet by God’s grace-gift, patience is available for every mom–fruit for the asking, growth for the willing, and provision for the weary.

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We have had our share of challenges, and you probably have too. I love the celebrating the joys of family life.

In my book, it should be Mother’s Day every day!

When the challenges of parenting stir up uncertainties, fears, and frustrations, we need to hang on to patience, believing that God is faithful to help us in our parenting. Today, I am sharing at More to Be on how God strengthened me with a deeper understanding of patience–not just to keep it together as a mom, but also to wait patiently for Him to work in my kids. Patience for self-control and patience for faith–we need it both ways.

Stop by at More to Be for more on this subject as I share how God gave me the fruit of patience when my son decided it would be cool to do push-ups in the middle of a four-lane road.

How have God’s gifts helped you stay steady as a parent?



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