Here we are, back again.  This time from a 777 United jet about an hour out of Tokyo.  Still a long way to go on my trip to Dallas.  The cruising altitude is smooth and the movies are starting to roll.  As I can’t seem to get into “Despicable Me, ” here I am again tapping away at the keyboard.  If you remember, in the last post, (#2—not too hard to keep up with yet…) I mentioned the verse in Matthew 7: 24-27 where Jesus talks about hearing and acting on His words.  Guess what?  I have more to say about that—go figure.

“Hear these words of Mine…”  Did you notice He didn’t say these words that somebody else heard me say?  Where I am going with this, you wonder…

One on One is Important

As a women’s ministry leader, and as one who feels called to write about God’s word, I am all about Bible Study.  I love to discuss God’s word with a group, and I really enjoy reading insights that gifted authors write.  Love that.  There is a reason why devotion books are good sellers.  This is what I think:  in general, the body of Christ is so busy reading what other folks have written, that too many of us lack confidence and tools to have a meat and potatoes time with God, one on one.

There is a special joy and excitement of learning to let the Holy Spirit teach you and speak to you as you read and respond to God’s word.   This can happen in a corporate setting—bible study, church, etc.  But it happens so much more when it is just you and God talking it out, exploring and learning.  Think of a special person in your life.  You enjoy being with them in a group setting, but there are times when you want that person all to yourself.   In fact, you wouldn’t be close to that person if you never spent time alone with them.  It is the same way with Christ.

Think of it this way, when you go out to eat you can enjoy the conversation at the table.  It is fun to see what someone else ordered.  To hear how good it is.  But if you can’t taste it for yourself, something is missing isn’t it?  We don’t want to sit at the table and just watch someone else eat.  God gave us his word so that each one of us can sit down, read, and grow.  I can’t really gather much fuel for my body by watching someone else eat.   If there is a hot fudge sundae on the table…I want some!  I don’t want to just watch you eat it and hear how good it is.  In a very real sense, this is what can be happening when we attend a bible study, listen to a speaker, read a Christian book IF we are not ALSO eating of the word, listening to God on our own.  Taste and see (for yourself!) that the Lord is good.  So pull up a chair, and check out the next post as I continue my travel adventures and share some basics about this concept of one-on-one with God.

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