I’m sharing what the Lord has taught me  about growing in godliness and pushing past anxiety despite the hardships we face at Planting Roots: Strength to Thrive in Military Life this week. Whether you are military or not, I know you’ll be able to relate to the struggle to trust God and overcome worry when I received bad news.

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Growing in Godliness

The phone rang in the deep hours of the night, jarring me from sleep. I worried it was bad news about my husband who had recently deployed.


It turned out to be my mom. She forgot about the time difference after our recent move to Okinawa, Japan. Thinking she just wanted to catch up, I was unprepared for the reason she called.


“I have stage four lung cancer” are words I never wanted to hear but will never forget.


Instantly my thoughts scrambled into planning mode. How bad is it? How to get home? Who can watch the kids? There are not simple solutions for military families living overseas.


Lord, why would you move us across the globe only to deploy my husband at the same time my mom needs help?


Anxiety ramped up hard bringing a level of resentment and distrust I hadn’t experienced in my faith life before.


Trusting God can be hard, especially in stressful transitions, uncertain times, or long deployments in dangerous places. These are just a few of the circumstances that ignite stress, worry, and dissatisfaction for military members and their families.


I wish I could say that I’ve mastered the art of godliness after twenty-four years of military life. The truth is I struggle with discontent and I wrestle with worry, but I’m learning that godly choices change how I navigate difficult days.

Godliness, the holy choice to rely on God, brings a kind of contentment that settles our soul even in the midst of the transitions, stress, and challenges of life. Contentment isn’t complacency, and it doesn’t mean you have to like the situation. #militarylife #plantingroots #christianmiliatarywoman #overcomeworry #cancerdiagnosis

There are two directions we can turn in challenging times—toward God or toward some other source of strength and comfort. [tweetthis]Turning to God empowers us to grow in faith.[/tweetthis]


Far from the place I wanted to be, it was easy to allow my emotions to shape my perspective. I prayed complaints and fears like these:


  • You are in control, but my mom is dying of cancer. What’s going to happen?
  • Your word says you work all things together for good, but this situation is really bad. How is this going to work out?
  • You care about my children, but they are already struggling with this move. Why this? Why now?


I’m not saying it was wrong to ask God my questions. My questions were honest and real, but I allowed my emotions to deflate my faith

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