The Best Gifts of Christmas

Here we are just a couple of days before Christmas. My house is beginning to fill with family and the shopping is done (I think…). The presents are wrapped and the Christmas sugar train is well underway with cookie baking. I’m stealing a way for a quiet...

Are you a Perfectionist in Disguise?

Are you a perfectionist?   Until recently, I’d have answered.  “Anything but. I’m always struggling just to get it together. I am NOT a perfectionist!”   I would shrug at the piles on my kitchen counters, thinking, I’m a terrible housekeeper.   I would...
Time for Winter to be Done!

Time for Winter to be Done!

Although I have enjoyed playing with my iPhone and taking pictures this snowy winter, I am ready for spring. The last few days the weather has warmed up and my daffodils are peeking their little green spikes out of the ground. I am ready to feel the sun warm on my...
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