The Reason We Let Them See: A Guest Post by Dr. Deb Waterbury

I remember thinking that my deeds disqualified me for service; they disqualified me from anything except condemnation. And here’s the kicker: to most people, they did. After the life I lived became more of a public exhibition rather than a private prison, most people felt that my deeds disqualified me from everything.

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I’m Breaking Out of My Corner

Do you ever have those days when you are just in a snit? Days when your best effort is nowhere near enough to close the gap of all that needs to be done? Days when “just one more thing” is enough to push you over the edge of reason? Join me as I break out of my corner, sharing a few articles I’ve had posted around the web this week at For Every and Almost an

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Four Reasons Why Serving Others Can Make You Resentful

Mary and Martha, challenges of Christian service, bad attitudes

Some days I’m a Martha. I can Martha myself into a frenzy, whipping my to-do list like a weapon. That rumpled scrap of paper, filled with both the meaningful and the mundane, feels heavy in my hand. Thinking through the commitments of the week, inward pressure builds, as resentment grates against my good intentions.

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