Reflections of a Reluctant List Maker

Humor, List Making, Organization

My mother was a fan of list-keeping. Both a hobby and an art form, she raised a simple tool for organization to a sacred practice, bringing us all closer to God.My mother lived by THE LIST, which was clamped to our harvest gold side-by-side fridge with a magnet. THE LIST was filled with items to buy, errands to run, and events to attend. I did not inherit my mother’s organizational DNA…

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How to Drive Your Teens Crazy in Four Easy Steps

Parenting teens, humor

Some parents have mastered the skills necessary to raising children well. I’ve known several families that have a resident Super Mom and/or Super Dad, able to leap the tallest of parental difficulties in a single bound. Sometimes with just a word. The truly gifted parent can overcome many behavioral issues…

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Say if You Want to be Humble

In honor of meeting lots of new writer friends, I wanted to share one of my favorite fun posts. At the end of this post you will find links to a few of my most popular devotional posts, which make up the bulk of this blog. The Bible is full…

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