4 Ways to Bless Others When You’re Facing a Trial

Discover 4 Ways to Bless Others When You're Facing a Trial

When someone goes through a hard time, most of our attention is focused on how to bless and help the person through her trial. But the reality is, when you’re the one facing hard times, it can be difficult to receive help. You may feel like you’re constantly draining other people’s resources and you have nothing to give back. You may feel helpless and needy with no outlet to express your gratitude.

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When I Feel Alone

I make a career of waiting. I am a military wife–hurry up and wait is part of my life.

How do you handle being alone? I am alone a lot. I often wait for my husband to get home after 3 weeks away at a field operation or return from a 6 month deployment. I wait a lot. Add in being a mom–you know how that goes–and I pretty much have to wait for everyone. Patience does not come easily. I wait alone.

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