Why Moving is More Than Unpacking: The Sacrifice of Accepting Change

Now we all know that moving is more than unpacking. It is just not that simple. Just not that easy. Getting settled is a little more challenging than making brownies, if you know what I mean. If you have never had to move, bless your heart and take my word for it.

God, being the multi-purpose God that He is, always has more up His sleeve than an address change when it comes to moving His kids. There is definitely a place where the practical meets the spiritual in the sovereign moving plans of God.

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Do Nothing From Selfishness…

Why do I do the things I do? If I were able to see a print out of my motivations over the last week, I am sure I would be shocked at how pervasive selfishness is in my thinking. If my eyes are glued to my own problems and plans, I will not truly see the needs and interests of others. It isn’t that I don’t want to–I really do care about other people. It is just that sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much brain-power left after I deal with myself and my stuff. Have you noticed that self-absorption is a consuming state of mind?

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Ever Catch Yourself Arguing with God?

Sometimes I catch myself reading a portion of Scripture with a bit of an argumentative attitude. Ever done that? When the words of God are shockingly different from our cultural mindset and worldly way of conducting life, it is easy to cross my arms and want to dig in my heels. When I don’t completely understand how or why, I can default to doubt or bossiness–just keeping it real here. I am humbled when I remember many situations when I have prayed about an issue in my life from the mindset that I know exactly how to fix it; I just need God to do it. It is easy for a desire to solve a problem to become an agenda, ever noticed that?

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