Three Simple Ways to Listen to God

Learning to listen to a God that we cannot meet with face to face can be a confusing thing. Ever feel like there are marshmallows clogging your ears when it comes to hearing God? God’s heart is wide open for relationship, and learning to recognize His voice breaks through the barrier of our misunderstanding and skewed expectations. Begin to read the Bible as a conversation with the God who loves you more than you could ever understand.

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Hold On: The Perseverance of Process

The cost of discouragement is more than we can afford. In many ways, discouragement is a strength zapper to perseverance. When discouragement presses down hard, we want to give in and give up. Success no longer seems worth the effort. In these moments, fears and condemnations circle with the tenacity of vultures diving for their prey. God’s Spirit whispers to our hearts,

“do not confuse not yet with not ever.”

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