When Your're Afraid Your Gift Is Not Good Enough

Why do we struggle to be bold when it comes to using our gifts?

How many times have we taken a deep breath, fighting the urge to duck and cover, to hold back when it comes to using our gifts? At times, hesitant to even speak our mind or express an opinion?

As if we know.

As if we are some kind of crazy-gift-experts, we look at our meager offerings and judge the fruit of efforts as…not good enough.

Haven’t we all felt this way at one time or another? More often than we’d care to admit?

Comparison asks the wrong question.

[tweetthis]Why is it so tempting to compare ourselves with others as if God can only use the very best of the best?[/tweetthis]

Comparison can cause serious set-backs when it comes to sharing our spiritual gifts. Comparison can choke out passion to fulfill the desires God gift-grows in our hearts. Last time I checked…

[tweetthis]…serving God isn’t a competition…but we sure act like it is sometimes.[/tweetthis]

We evaluate, measure, compare…often times using the mixed-up standards of this world to decide if our gift is enough. To decide if we are enough.

Fear steps in, ever ready to agree with our tentative spirits that yes, indeed, our gift is not good enough.

Timid and unsure of ourselves, we hold back.

Maybe we turn back. Maybe we leave it to someone who can do it better, bigger, bolder. At the end of it all, comparison asks the wrong question.

The right question is, what does God want to do through this gift?

Don’t hold back.

As I read and lay my soul down in the first chapter of 2 Timothy, I need the same reminders Paul gave Timothy. I need these words of encouragement overflowing with the love and affection of a teacher for his favorite-student-become friend.

Too often,  I’ve raked myself across the coals of evaluation and comparison, turning to the responses and feedback of others to measure worth and value. You too?

When God calls, step out in faith.

Choose to stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is a choice we don’t have to make. Stop asking this toxic question: Am I good enough?

This is the voice of timidity. The calculating voice of one afraid to fail. Weigh the odds before taking the risk… That defeating spirit of timidity lurks in the corner of my days, never far from my thoughts:

Maybe better not to try. Easier.

That’s timid talk.

If you know this struggle in some area of your life, read these words with me. Read them loud. Read them to anyone who will listen.

Read them until you begin to believe them.

2 Timothy 1:6-7 Kindle your gifts

[tweetthis]Fear that stifles the outpouring of our hearts doesn’t come from God. Period.[/tweetthis]

Whose gift is it really?

Somehow we tend to think of spiritual gifts as something we own once they are given.

My gift. My calling. My purpose. My responsibility.

Every gift is from God—it is His and He takes pleasure in seeing His gifts come alive in the unique personality of every one of His children. Yes, even you and even me!

His gift. His calling. His purpose. His provision.

Deep under the surface, we tend to think of this gift in terms of what we must do with it, become through it, excel in it. Though we know better, this old thinking pops up too often. In reality, isn’t each spiritual gift an opportunity, a privilege, a front row seat to participate with God in something He wants to do?

Spiritual gifts are God’s invitation to join Him in His work.

 A different perspective.

Each God-gift is an open-ended vessel, placed within the secret place where spirit meets flesh—rather than a box wrapped up tight. We are vessels for the fresh creativity of the Holy Spirit, when we don’t hinder the flow with…

  •  fearful evaluation
  •  perfectionism
  •  expectations
  •  toxic not good enough’s

This, sweet friend—is not what God’s gifts are for.

Use Your Gifts from God

[tweetthis]God’s gifts are not for us to hoard and hide until we decide we are good enough.[/tweetthis]

They are to be used for the building up of the body of Christ. Sometimes it isn’t just the gift that needs kindling.

More often, it is the embers of faith that need to be fanned into flame, burning away all traces of fear. The holy-fire of passion embraces what God has given along with each gift–a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. In essence, He gives us what we need to step out in faith, using our gifts for His glory.

What’s holding you back from using your gifts?


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