When God Reaches In: Poetic Words and Images to Lift Your Soul

Poetic words and images for spiritual intimacy with God


I stand by the water in the cool  of the evening. Calm like a mirror the water is smooth, collecting the sky in its reflection.

Evening Sky in water 2

Ripples Reach

I toss a pebble, breaking the glass surface of the water. Ker-plunk, pebble creates a splash. Water ripples in circles, expanding and reaching toward the shore.

Ripples 2

Energy Reaches

The energy of the pebble enters the water, creating motion that continues. Expanding and reaching beyond what was to what is and what will be.

Ripples in water

Grace Reaches

A word.

A deed.

A kindness.

A prayer.

A gift.

A correction.

A change.

A blessing.

A challenge.

A smile.

A sharing.

Ripples 5

Pebbles in the water of our days, reaching beyond what we can see. The visible becomes invisible and the temporal extends to the eternal. The actions of influence are gifts in the moment. Sharing a piece of ourselves, love ripples out.

Ripples 3

Love reaches.

So often I wonder, what impact do the words that I write have? Do they reach out beyond what I can see? The gifts of my heart are pebbles in the water.


Yet there is another reach that I forget about but long for.

God Reaches In

This is the reach of the pebble in the water, deep below the surface we can see. I long for the weight of the pebble to sink deep into greater understanding and faith.

Though I may be concerned with reaching out, God is always reaching in. Truth breaks the surface of my thoughts, sinking into the inner depths–the division of soul and spirit, of joint and marrow.

Smooth Water

This mysterious God-place where heaven touches earth, His infinite within my finite, where the eternal swallows time. This holy intersection of what is with what will be.

Transformation dawns when God reaches in.


Revelation is God reaching in.

Reach in Lord, past what I think I know. Past the misperceptions and the bald lies I have believed.

Reach beyond the striving of self that works to satisfy my soul in my own ways. Reach through the noise, clutter, and confusion this world stirs. 


God reaches in and I understand that my availably releases God’s ability.

With the toss of a pebble, I receive His presence down deep. Evening comes as color blazes across the sky and light grows in my heart.


God reaches me.