Friendship is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

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Each relationship is a one of a kind–there are no two exactly alike. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, each one as unique as the people who build the relationship.

You may have one friend you share deep conversations and another  you love to shop with. Every person is different and every friendship is unique.

[tweetthis]Every #friendship has its path[/tweetthis].  Let each friendship naturally evolve and take its own path.

Most relationships will fall into one of three basic categories. It’s helpful to be able to recognize and appreciate how God blesses us with different kinds of friendships.

Three Special Kinds of Friends You Do Want to Do Without

Friends for a reason.

Friends for a season.

Friends for a lifetime.

I have friends God has brought into my life for a specific reason. For instance, there are women I work with in ministry. These women have become friends as we work together for a specific purpose.


God’s plan in bringing us together has a different purpose from the neighbor I enjoy chatting with in the yard.

Many friendships are often built around shared activities. Some friendships grow as a specific interest brings us together. These are also friends for a reason.

Some friends are right person at the right time.

Years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease just as we moved to a new city. I had many questions and needs as I struggled through difficult days. The first person I met was another mom who “just happened” to be a pharmacist. I know God brought this precious friend for a reason. Jen answered many questions, understanding the symptoms of a thyroid spinning out of control. She frequently checked on me and often watched my children so I could get some rest. I will be forever grateful that God brings special friends for a reason.

Friends for a Season

When we look back over the years, it’s easy to see people God brought into our lives for a season. I remember zany fun I had with my college roommates.

Silly friends

I still keep in touch with several of them through Facebook and Christmas cards, but it’s been years…and years since I have seen them.

As a military family, we have moved many times, making new friends in each location. I am grateful to have built relationships over the years. Though I’d really enjoy maintaining close contact with many, there is a natural ebb and flow of relationships through the seasons. When we understand this reality, we can be at peace with the friendships that change  over time.

Friends for a Lifetime

Deep friends of the heart–this is the friend you can talk to for hours even though you may not have seen each other in years. The lifetime friends from childhood can remember how awkward you were in middle school and love you all the more.

Best friend

Lifetime friends rejoice when your babies get driver’s licenses and graduate from college. [tweetthis]Good #friends dry tears, overlook faults, understand issues, and celebrate victories.[/tweetthis]

Deep friendships take time to grow. Friends for a reason, friends for a season, and lifelong friends are all a sweet treasure that I don’t want to do without. And given time, friendships often develop over the years, maturing beyond the initial reasons or seasons that brought us together.

[tweetthis]#Friendships are sweet to the soul and a grace-gift from God. [/tweetthis]







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