The Kids are Growing Up

Kids  go through phases and stages that you think will never pass. Most of the time they are fairly small behaviors that worry you like crazy as you pull your hair out and wonder if they will ever outgrow it.


At three, you worry they will never be potty-trained.  At six, you worry that they will never learn to write legibly…(well, somethings they might not quite grow out of. ) At thirteen, you worry that they will never learn to keep up with their stuff as you make yet another trip to school to drop of a forgotten major project.

Before you know it, high school graduation arrives and you cry bucket of tears as Pomp and Circumstance echoes in your head.

Some how…some way, they grow up.  All of the worries, questions, prayers, and sleepless nights somehow by the grace of God and a good measure of parental sweat silently roll into the future and your teenager enters adulthood, ready to step into a wider world with new challenges and joys to experience as one more graduation day approaches.

Recently both our college kids were home for spring break. For one,  college graduation is quickly approaching and there are plans to be made. I happened to ask, “Hey have you ordered a cap and gown?”

“A what?”

Oops. They grow up…but do they? He’ll have fun scrounging one up.

It seems like a few hours ago I was writing about his graduation from high school. Seriously.

We took a few pictures for his graduation announcement–score! Getting this guy in a photo is a rare moment these days, so I’m keeping these for sure!


After graduation, this fellow will be returning to the Northwest to work as a behavior specialist at a camp that serves children with severe, life-altering medical conditions. He shares, “Last summer, working at camp transformed me completely, and I’m looking forward to another summer spent sharing camp’s message of irrepressible hope to our amazing campers.”

From there, he will be headed to the Southwest for a year of service with AmeriCorps. This has been a post-graduation dream for some time now, and he is thrilled to have been selected for this group of civic-minded young leaders.

I can’t wait to hear about his adventures and all that God teaches him in the process. So proud of this young man with a huge heart and a desire to serve!


We had more plans to make as one of our girls is gearing up to take 6 months off from college to do a YWAM discipleship training school (Youth With a Mission). She’s so excited she can hardly hold herself in!

1507618_10152911958619444_5704995176153034204_nShe will be training and serving in missions outreach to remote international communities. Here’s a few words as she shares little bit of her joy:

YWAM is a combination of missionary training by learning more about our God’s character, love, and purpose, as well as going out and sharing that with others. During the outreach phase we will be going out and reaching remote, indigenous communities. The last 6 weeks, we will be traveling to a second country that will be decided as the Lord reveals it to our team through prayer.

I am continually surprised and in awe by God’s faithfulness in providing opportunities for me to serve and love others. He calls us to make disciples of the nations, and he has so faithfully opened doors for this trip. I am completely trusting God with this trip because through Him, ALL things are possible (Matt. 19:26).

If you would like to support her with your prayers, she asks that you would praying for:

open hearts for what God has for our team and the people we interact with
-eyes to see opportunities to share His love and hope with others
-unity/oneness of spirit for our team
-complete reliance in God through fundraising for this trip for the entire team
-safe travels, protection, and rest for us

If you would be interested in supporting this work, please send me a message using the contact box on this website.

Both of these kids believe that every human is important. They long to do bigger things and are trusting God that dreams do come true. I am in absolute awe of what God is doing in the lives of these two young people. Absolute awe. Words completely fail me. The kids are indeed growing up!

With joy,


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  1. “4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4
    That is awesome and exciting news! Good job, Mom! I know that your heart is filled with joy. Praying for them with you.

    • Ginger Harrington

      Grace, grace, it is all grace. So great to hear from you. I enjoyed meeting your son at White Sulphur Springs at the New Year’s retreat. Thank you for praying with us!

  2. I’m echoing Michelle – this post brought that wonderful verse from 3 John to my mind, too. My eyes are teary as I’m imagining your joy, and praying that joy will one day be mine. To see your children grow up in the faith, and then continuing to claim it as their own in very real ways as they enter adulthood – is there any greater reward? I’m praising the Lord for His grace in their lives, and I’ll be praying for both of these dear young people.

    • Ginger Harrington

      Thank you so much Jennifer. It brings tears to my eyes and deep encouragement to my soul. Your prayer is significant and I am praying for your kids. Some parenting days are just hard and our kids go through challenges that test our faith. This is one of the sweet, sweet blessings of community that we can cheer each other on and pray for one another’s children!

  3. I know you are so proud of your children, and so thankful for God’s grace that has held them through the years. Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness in your family.

    • Ginger Harrington

      There are so many hard days in parenting, I’m hoping that many will be encouraged at God’s faithfulness. There will still be challenges to come, but celebrating the special moments is so important. Thanks for joining me today.

  4. So awesome. Proud mama moments for sure!

    • Ginger Harrington

      Happy weekend, Barbie. Much to celebrate. I’m so grateful that God is at work in our children’s lives. For if it had only been on me, we would have all been in therapy by now!

  5. You have so much to be proud of. I love stories like this, from mamas who are just a little bit ahead of me. My oldest is sixteen. I already said a prayer for your daughter and her team, and will continue to do so.

    • Ginger Harrington

      Thank you so much! I always found encouragement from mom’s whose kids were just past the current phase my kids were in. Just a few years ago, neither one of these kids had any interest in doing the ministries and service they are excited about now. God truly works in our kids hearts, though some may take longer to show it than others. I’m praying for your children as well, Dawn.

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