Mom-i-tude Adjustment for Frazzled Moms

I fully intend to bask in my well-deserved Mother’s Day glory…until I am nudged to realize that I have been so busy lately that I haven’t taken time to just enjoy being a mom. I have felt pressed with frustration of a To-Do list longer than a roll of toilet paper, and to be honest, it has made me just a little crabby. Feeling spread too thin is not good for frazzled moms. Time for a Mom-i-tude adjustment.

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Transitions in Parenting: Filling and Emptying the Family Nest

After all of this…our nest is empty.Tom and I are empty nesters! That’s what they call us. It’s been 23 years. We’ve raised our 3, helped with my two nephews, countless animals, and a variety of children’s friends.

It’s been a wild, loud, dysfunctional, chaotic and glorious ride filled with transition! For us, it’s not a time to focus on what we have lost, but what we are re-discovering! It’s our time to be proud of our children, watching them grow, using skills and tools that we have helped them develop over their life, while we focus on the start to a new phase of a full life. It’s exciting!

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