Need a Mom-i-tude adjustment?

Let’s all just pretend it’s Mother’s Day. I could use a little appreciation around here–how about you?

Oh the bliss of Mother’s Day.  A day of recognition and appreciation for the blood, sweat, and tears of all my mama-work throughout the year…about time!

A day my children will rise up (before ten?) and call me blessed.

A day that someone else will do the dishes.

I hope.

I think a lot of the things moms tend to think on Mother’s Day. Where are we going to eat? Are the kids going to cook? Will they actually wrap my present?

Did they get a present?

I fully intend to bask in my well-deserved Mama Glory…until I am nudged to realize  that I have been so busy lately that I haven’t taken time to just enjoy being a mom.

Feeling spread too thin is not good for the Mom-i-tude.

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off–squawk-squawk! I make goofy mistakes like try to open the front door with the unlock clicker for my car.

Things that Don't Work

I put Lemon-Pepper Seasoning in my purse instead of the cabinet because…I am trying to do six things at once!

It’s more than true: feeling spread too thin is not good for the Mom-i-tude.

Know what I mean?

Frazzled moms can do goofy things.

Time sneaks up on me and I am late to pick up my daughter from practice. I clip coupons…but forget to take them to the store. Rushing, I spill an entire container of pineapple juice in the refrigerator. Then I am aggravated that I have to stop and clean up my mess.

I have felt pressed with frustration of a To-Do list longer than a roll of toilet paper, and to be honest, it has made me just a little crabby.

I have felt guilty when kids want me to drop what I am doing to take them someplace..and I don’t want to. I have growled my inner-GRRRrrrr…when the phone rings, when the tenth interruption comes in the same hour, when the family has the audacity to comment that the house is a wreck. Imagine that.

It’s time.

Time for a Mom-i-tude adjustment.

My friend, Jen, posted this on Facebook.  Seeing this cute Mother’s Day note is the reminder I need.

Mother's Day LetterI need to laugh and cherish the smile factor of my  kids.

Past or present, they fill my heart with joy.

Wacky Day Forever

Wacky Day Forever

My heart is full with many little moments that have made me smile over the years. Taking time to enjoy those sweet moments is important.

The cute things kids do

The cute things kids do

Even when they become teenagers and those little cute things grow up, they make me laugh. Sorry to break it to you, but my teens no longer bedtime read stories to the dogs. Now they do funny things like sabotage family picture day:

Family Pictures Gone Awry

I needed that laugh…

How about you? Do you need a Mom-i-tude adjustment to breathe a little zip into your parenting?

Taking time to remember precious things that kids do breaks through the tension and reminds me to laugh. I stop to give a hug…just because. I breathe deep and reach for joy.

Remembering joy turns to my focus to gratitude.

Joy and gratitude soothe like a cool balm, calming my stress. Perspective shifts and my Mom-i-tude brightens. I let go of the grit of frustration scraping across my last nerve.

I listen as God uses the lighter side of life to whisper to my heart:

… mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful!–Proverbs 23:25

Note to self: Busyness, schmiziness…don’t ever get to frazzled to enjoy the journey!

How do you adjust your Mom-i-tude?

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