Shine like stars

You will shine…like stars in the sky. Phil. 2:15

Made to shine

Have you ever tried to make yourself shine?  Feeling like you’ve lost your glow, have you ever worked harder, trying to scrub up a good shine?

Longing and leaning–these are the actions of a heart that frets to shine. Though I would love to have answers to all my questions and solutions to the issues that leave gaps in my life, it is the shining I yearn for.

I want to shine with the life of Christ, blazing with the glory that comes from Spirit and grace working in this wayward heart.

Do you know this longing?

God has placed a longing to shine within each one of us–the deep desire wrapped tight with need to know His light in our hearts.

Then you will shine like stars…

The beauty of stars is they are simply doing what they are created for.   For a while I tried to clean up my act and rev up my energy– trying and trying, I worked so hard to make myself shine. I had a picture in my head and maybe even an idol in my heart of what shining should look like. Maybe you have done this too?


Ready to shine: are we making or letting?

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father…” Matthew 5:16

How to shine? It is the difference between letting and making. I realize Jesus doesn’t say make your light shine by what you do. He speaks the simplicity of letting: Let your light shine before men…”. It is the natural result of being who we are created to be–living containers for the glory of Christ.

Created to shine, this light comes from the presence and work of Christ within. It is His light, not our ability, appearance, or energy that lights up this world hurting with the pain of darkness and confusion.


And in Christ, we will shine.

It is what we are made for today and every day.

Then you will shine. This begs the question–what comes before the then, before the shine? What is the energy, the capacity, the situation that causes this shine glory? Throughout Philippians 2, Paul hints at  the shine lessons of a God who is deeply at work in our hearts.

▪   When we encourage others in Christ, light shines and love grows.

▪   Extending comfort and to others, we shine with compassion.

▪   When we work together, embracing the work of the Spirit, we shine with unity.

▪   Considering others before ourselves, humility shines as we lift others up.

▪   As we empty ourselves and choose to serve, we shine with the light of Christ.

▪   Trusting God to work in our hearts and lives, we shine with the light of His pleasure.

▪   Choosing to do all things with out grumbling or complaining, we shine with the peace of submission.

▪   Holding fast the word of life to the hurting world, truth shines with the power of God.


The work of God deep in a life–shining is the overflow of God at work. It is the mark of his presence that brings forth glory.

So bring on the shine and trust God to do what pleases Him through your life. How are you shining today?

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