Six Never-Work Strategies for Winning the Battle of the Clean Kitchen Counter

Well, here it is two weeks later and I must admit that I am more than a little disappointed that one of my brilliant readers has not chimed in with a Problem-Solved-Ultimate-Solution for the battle of the kitchen counter top. Alas, I must come up with my own solutions, so what you get…is what you get:)

Six Never-Work Strategies for the Battle of the Kitchen Counter:

#1 Top-Rated Trash Can Method:

The Trash-Can Method of Clutter Control

This number-one fix is rather self explanatory.  The answer to Kitchen-Counter Clutter is to take a shower squeegee and sweep all clutter into the trash can.  Those unfortunate souls who have left their junk on the counter will quickly learn to dump their stuff somewhere else.  This solution is by far the fastest fix for the never-ending PILE.

Pro:  Quickly eliminates clutter of all kinds

Con:  Do I really need to go there?

#2 The Swat Method

Don’t Put That There! Swat!

The Swat Method Works for the Whole Family

This is my favorite method.  All you need is a fly swatter or a spatula so little expense is involved. (Have you ever noticed how much money you can spend in the quest for organization?)  All you have to do is stand gaurd over your clean counter…armed and ready to swat anyone and anything that has the audacity to place undesirables on your sweet space.  “Smack.”   This simple method works quickly.  Everyone in your family will quickly learn to stash their keys and cell phones somewhere else.



Pro:  Quickly retrain your family to put things elsewhere

Con:  It doesn’t work very well on yourself.  If you are like me, and I truly hope you’re not, you are your own worst enemy when it comes to clutter-making.


#3 The Disguise-It Method:

This method of clutter control is popular with basket collector’s and the like.  Find some attractive container…a Longaberger basket or a Nike shoe box will do–take your pick.  Cram all your unsightly clutter in the attractive container and wa-lah!  Instant fix.  The plus of this method is quite handy–you can actually find what you are looking for because it is all disguised in your attractive camouflage!

Pro: Coralled in one attractive container, your clutter will not look like clutter.

Con:  It’s still clutter.

#4 The Cover-It-Up Method: 

The Cover-It Up Method–who knows what’s under there?

Similar to the disquise it method, the Cover-It-Up method stems from the same mentality–don’t get rid of it…just hide it.  You will notice my clever-cover-up…who says table runners are just for tables!  What a great place to hide your bills until you actually get them paid.  This also works well for school papers kids are always bringing home…though I do recommend displaying thier artwork in a more visable spot.  Someday you will actually miss those cute hand-print and crayon creations.

Pro:  Looks great.

Con:  Limited clutter-cover.

Seriously…there are better options!


#5 The Eat-Out Method: 

Avoid making a mess in the first place and then there will be no clutter to control.  If you use the Eat-Out Method consistently, you can even install a velvet rope like they use at the movies to keep everyone out of the kitchen in the first place. (The added benefit of this is you can also say good-bye to mopping!)

Pro: Less time in the kitchen=Less mess in the kitchen

Con:  $$$

#6 The Deligate-It  Method:

Assign the Job to the Neatest Person in the Family–Not Me!  My sixteen year old is hands-down the neatest person in the family.  I am quite sure that she did not get that kind of DNA from me.  I hereby appoint her the dubious honor of being the Clutter-Free Queen and pass all such  duties into her capable hands.  I will admit that I have not actually tried this method…but it sounds great in theory.

Pro:  You no longer have to keep up with the clutter.

Con:  Don’t get me started…


You may be asking yourself why I  would take the time to write about this…I can’t really give you an answer, but it has been fun to have a little laugh at one of those things in life that can be a source of great frustration.

Check in tomorrow, as I will be sharing some strategies that actually do work.   Some I have used and some I have found through surfin’ the net.  Check out some solutions that you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to implement, as well as some cool blogs and products I have discovered.

The Swat Method Works on the Whole Family


  1. Susan Harrington

    How about #6 “The Delagate-It Method” with a twist? When I was working, we had to fill out timecards indicating hours per project which were then used to bill our customers. We had to have a “monitor” to check everyone’s timecard to make sure they filled it out on time and properly. The last person who forgot to fill theirs out became the “monitor”. It worked so well that the timecard monitor ended up doing it for a long, long time, and it became a game to try to catch someone. Maybe you could assign the clean up delagate based upon the last person who left something on the counter or left the most items.

  2. I end up doing the “clean it every two hours” method. My bar and table collect clutter, but I make it a challenge to put things away. Muahahaha! I will defeat the evil papers that suddenly appear out of nowhere!

    • I am truly impressed, particularly cause I know that cute baby is in those busy hands! Thanks for sharing. Keeping up with it really is best! I am glad to learn a new word–does it work on anything?

  3. Thanks for the laugh….I am a big proponent of the basket method. LOL

  4. I feel your pain sister!!! However, I only have one other person who adds to the clutter so most of it is my issue!!!! UGH!!! I’d like the trash can method so I can start from scratch!!! However, we both know that isn’t practical!!!! Love reading your stuff sweet friend!!!

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