Be good to your soul.

One sweet part of taking care of ourselves is knowing when we need to slow down and enjoy the moments that feed our souls. For each one of us, this is going to look different.

Soul, do you need a moment to rest?

  • For active folks, recharging the soul comes with an energetic run, a good work out, a bike ride on a beautiful day.
  • For extroverts, feeding the soul often involves quality time with special people.
  • For creatives, the soul rests with a camera or paintbrush, loosing the self in color, form, texture, and beauty.
  • For contemplatives, quiet moments writing, reading, or reflecting allow the mind, body, and spirit to rest.

You get the point, right?


Soul, take time to recharge.

Take care of your soul, nurture yourself when you need it. Life is often a crazy, hectic race, and if you don’t pace yourself…few others  will. Know what I mean?

When was the last time someone really saw you, knew the look on your face, the longing in your eye, and the tired hunch of your shoulders drawing in? In our busyness we often don’t notice these things about people.

When was the last time someone wrote you a hall pass to rest? An excuse to step out of the fray and catch your breath?  This is why it is so important that we learn the soul care of pacing ourselves.

Finding margin in the busy.

Today is a busy day–Bible study, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, work, and family. Your day was busy too, right?

I discover a gap of margin, to take a little rest. Between one errand and the next, I happen to pass by a bird sanctuary tucked  away. Knowing I only have about 20 minutes to spare, I pull in. Unplanned.

Psalm 18-16

Car tires crunch along the twisted gravel drive as a canopy of trees arch overhead. The simple act of turning off the busy road feels good. Making time for sanctuary.

Sanctuary in the moment.

I park and walk to the water’s edge where the Potomac cuts inward and spiky grass meets river. Clouds crowd the horizon covered in the blue of the day. The entrance of fall begins to spot the trees.

Psalm 18:19

And I breathe.

I rest from the work of my soul. Eyes open, the artist in me comes out to play. Drinking in beauty and appreciating the creative wonder of God, I delight in the world before me.

Psalm 18-20

Birds swoop and sway overhead, searching for fish and riding the wind. The inward tension releases as I snap pictures, making art and reveling in the creative presence of God.

I walk and pray as I enjoy the sun brilliant on the water. For a few moments, I rest and recharge.

Psalm 18-28

Noting the time, I take a last full breath and return to the car. Still many things to be done in this day, but I am grateful for a step out of time to rest. The ground is large beneath my feet.

Psalm 18-36

When you need to take a little time to pace yourself, how does your soul rest?

I’m finding it doesn’t always have to be a big chunk of time. This weekend, I’m writing you a hall pass for rest. Find a little time and space to let your soul breathe this weekend.

I’m so glad you stopped by today for a little strength for your soul. How can you find time to feed your soul with moments of rest and recharge?

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