“Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

A mothers prays for the milestones in kid's lives

Parents walk the rocky trails of raising children in a landscape of hills and valleys. At times, the path twists and turns in unexpected directions. The uphill climb brings milestones of seeing the breathtaking vista of the wonder of God’s work in our children.

Kris's Family

Children mature and grow, ready to take on new challenges and enter into new paths. They are ready to leave our side, no longer needing us to hold hands and direct the way.

Praying for the milestones of children

Every new beginning comes requires end of a familiar trail. In these milestones of transition, it can be hard loosen our fingers, trusting God to guide and protect our children.

IMG_0340edThis is the need and the power of praying that God will bring our children to a certain place of confidence, trusting God as they begin new paths that lead them in new directions.

Today I want to share with you the heart and prayer of dear friend, Kris. Like me, her children are all at places of departure into new territories of life:

A Mother’s Prayer from Kristen Huggins.

[tweetthis]God weaves new beginnings from the endings in every season we walk through with our children.[/tweetthis]

God Weaves New Beginnings

Well Father, life is full of endings and new beginnings right now.

You are doing a new thing, Lord. I want to look for it, to see it as you see it. Help me to embrace it fully as I gradually let go of the old and comfortable things that are slipping away…

My first born enters her sophomore year with excitement and determination – so many dreams and possibilities lay ahead…and she leaps “ALL IN” into leadership, 18 credit hours, and a new job. I know You’ve worked in her heart in powerful ways this summer.

Oh Father – protect and guide my girl. Give her stamina and wisdom for this journey. Overcome her frustrations and fears by deepening her faith, and overwhelm her with your gracious and specific love for her.


My college freshman has finished her first week and this “new thing” that You are doing in her life and heart has just begun.

Help her to not get overwhelmed with all the constant people and changes, Father. Help her to seek You in her times of loneliness and timidity. Help her find her voice as she finds her feet, and may the rhythm of her life match the beating of your heart.

Give both my girls a sweet “haven” of godly friends to do this journey alongside them – ones who will encourage and call them up higher, as well as benefit from the love and experiences they have to offer.

This is the desire of my heart Father.

[tweetthis]Make my will and desires align with Your plan – and help me to trust You…with all of it.[/tweetthis]

My baby enters High School through the double doors of an entirely new season of adolescence. So many changes at a break-necking speed will bombard him in the days ahead. I fight hard against the voices of fear and doubt in my head that warning me of disaster on the horizon when it comes to my boy.

The battle with fear

Fear reminds me of the hard moments of wandering through a childhood with Asperger’s. I remember this little boy – the one who couldn’t communicate except by screaming. I see this one who was so often different from all the other kids and lost in his own world while our world just frustrated him.

This boy struggles to connect in meaningful ways, still shuts down in settings he can’t process, and struggles especially hard with transition.

But now he walks downstairs. This boy gives me a half smile, says “good morning Mom” and leans down to hug me while I write out the prayers of my heart…

I hear YOUR voice above all the clamor of my fears, over the daunting diagnosis.  Truth declares that my son is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Your voice

…tells me this boy has something to offer this world that only he can. You remind me how You have brought us further than any doctor or therapist ever predicted possible, and You have promised that You will go into that school of 2500 other students with him every day. You will never leave him or forsake him.  You will show up and show off in his life, just as You have all along.

And I can breathe deeply again, as I smile and assurance from your heart floods my own Momma-bear heart because I know this one thing…

[tweetthis]YOURS is the only voice that matters.[/tweetthis]

Isaiah 65: 23-24

And I know that You have answered…and I know that You hear the prayer of my heart…right now in this place…this place of endings and beginnings.

Kris Huggins





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