When children are small, we hold them close and whisper words of love. We change diapers, feed hungry tummies, and kiss boo boos. We become experts at reading stories, playing games, and encouraging every effort.

The days children are babies, the issues and challenges are often physical–sleepless nights, tantrums, and the constant, “Stay out of the street” warnings. The world of a child is small–the neighborhood is the size of a universe, and the capacity for joy in the small things is bottomless.

Somehow, the world expands and the challenges facing our children change. As each year passes, adulthood calls and the future opens. My own children are making decisions, taking chances, and overcoming disappointments as this school year gets going. The good mixes with the hard, the new with the known, and there are countless opportunities to grow.

This year as I am praying my children back to school, I feel the size of coming decisions and directions. The year opens wide before us and God is in the gap.

Last week’s post seem to hit a chord with many. Letting them go is every parent’s challenge. Though we may not all be parents, we all have young people in our lives that we care about. Together, let’s pray them forward into tomorrow, laying a foundation of faith that their steps may be firm.

Pray them forward.


Proverbs 3:3-4

Lord, place your kindness and truth deeply into our children. May kindness make them a blessing to many. Mold their character in the shape of yours, with grace and goodness part of the way they think. Bless their relationships with others and may good character open doors of opportunity.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Help our children to trust you with confidence and faith. Give them a trust that reaches the deepest places and covers every weakness. Help them not to waver in unbelief, but to stay steady and strong in belief.

Give them wisdom to see the gap between their own understanding and your sovereign wisdom. When problems are hard and failures hurt, place their eyes on you. Teach them to remember you, to lean on you in all their ways–all the nuances of who they are.

Guide their feet on your straight path–the way that is your best. When they choose crooked paths that lead  them off course, place them back on the straight path.


Psalm 119:73-80You have made these children we hold tight to our hearts. You know them better than we do, and you see the challenges they face. May they recognize your creative hand, learning to truly appreciate the wonder of who they are. Breathe your wisdom over our children, and give them understanding into who you are and who you made them to be.

Help them to trust your decisions, even when the no’s are painful and the yes’s are challenging. May they learn through challenges and testing that you are always faithful. Let them live whole and holy–inside and out–as they walk into the future.

Psalm 119 102

Teach our children–guide and guard their hearts. Give them understanding and make truth come alive within. Give them eyes to see the real and ears to hear your voice. Thank you that we can depend on you to teach them far more than we ever could.

Proverbs 161-3

Place your plans and dreams in their hearts.  Help them discover the passions and purposes that create life and bring joy. Give them your answers as they make decisions and wonder what to do. Uncover the false and bring forth the true motives, as our hearts often do things for selfish reasons. Enable our children to live from the presence and power of Christ.

Show our children the value of committing their effort and work to you. Help them to see beyond the temptations to please others and gratify self. Give them vision and purpose that is grounded in real faith. Guide their plans and dreams and direct their steps.

How can we pray your children forward? Leave a comment so we can all pray for one another.


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