Holiness moves through the small things, grace for the moments, simple and short. Added together, holy moments change lives and steer destinies in God’s direction. But it all comes down to attitudes and choices made…one moment at a time. If we reach for the grace of holiness in this moment, what difference could it make?

Discover the simplicity of living life with wholeness and holiness. One simple choice at a time.

How do we live life whole?

How do we fold our hearts around joy each day? Desires, questions, aspirations and inspirations spin willy-nilly in our heads. Time slips like sand through our fingers. How do we make the best use of the time given, each day wrapped in the gift of twenty-four hours?

What’s the secret to a life well lived?


My mind meanders to one aspect, one word: holiness. Though this word sometimes reeks of stale religion bound tight with pious do’s and don’ts, holiness is a refreshingly simple concept.

Holiness has to do with being set apart, made whole, consecrated, sacred, dedicated, pure, and devoted and it is accessible to us all through grace. Holiness enables us to live full of God and full with God, in spite what the moment may look like. There is something clean and simple about living life whole, dedicated with purpose and meaning.

Running for the prize of the upward call

Wrapped up tight in our insides is a frenetic tendency to make life complicated. My soul is hard wired with a desire for significance, and I think yours is too. Feeling less, we take on more, and try harder, be better, do more is the rant of our souls that have swallowed the compelling lies of this chaotic, bent world.

I could write down goals and stamp them onto the tender flesh of my heart.  I probably will, but I often overwhelm myself with goals and intentions, never seeming to fully accomplish the entire task. Do you do this? I leave a trail of the undone that calls out condemnations and validates my fears that I’m not enough.

Psalm 34-4

Where is wholeness in this? But now, I am choosing something different as I explore wholeness that can brighten each day. Will you join me?




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