Life is filled with blessings and challenges. It is marked by cycles of transitions, with a continual planting and uprooting as we journey through life. Our days add up with celebrations and joy, but also with loss and instability. We long to flourish in the midst of it all.

Yet on too many days, survival may see to be the most we can hope for.

Finding strength to thrive  in every season of life, has everything to do with discovering and holding onto our true source of strength.

We look for strength in all kinds of places…the good assignment, a favorable situation, healthy family, stable government, a prosperous bank account, and even our own abilities and resources. It is easy to depend on the closest thing for strength and stability, rather than to ground our strength in God.

Psalm 46, Strength to thrive

God is

OUR refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

The words of Psalm 46 open with all of the focus on God. Who He is to us.

He is our refuge, our place of safety and security that does not change no matter what is happening around us.  God is our strength, and our present, findable help in the troubles and distresses of our lives.

If we do not know He is the one that is for us, the present One, we will look for strength wherever we can find it.

When life as we know it crumbles, God is our source of strength.

We can only discover this by going through the hard things.

The Psalmist begins these words with his focus on God as his strength, rather than getting caught up in the trouble that spins around him. His eyes are on God and not on the problem as he looks to God for his right-now help.

There will always be trouble and there will always be help when we place our confidence in God as our strength.

When our faith is planted firmly in the strong presence of God we can echo the psalmist who writes this anthem of faith.

Focus on God not fear.


How can focusing on God rather than fear enable you to find your strong today?


Focus on God not fear.



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