After much dragging of feet and a lot of help from my awesome son, I am pleased to post my very first YouTube video! God has been nudging at me to venture out and do something with some of the video I have.

What did these nudges look like?

Within three days, I had three friends encourage me to YouTube it. Karen Charney, my fabulously talented friend who helps me with this blog, started talking YouTube. Then I sat with 2 cute gals on a plane ride and out of the blue they start telling me I should start posting to YouTube if I want to grow my platform. Next I check my email inbox and there are two invitations to webinars on using YouTube.

Got the Message.

Now how to make it happen. So then I started trying to figure out how to edit my video into small clips and about pulled my brain out my ears. Not pretty.

Let’s just say, I am techno-challenged! Praise God for media savvy college boys and a rainy day! BAM! Done.

This video was taken at a West Point PWOC retreat in march, where I was leading worship. I had such a blast with this fabulous group of women!


Enjoy this humorous look at some of the distractions we face when it comes to worshiping God.

[youtube_sc url=AiwofiaKybY]

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