A while back I wrote about God’s faithfulness as my children headed back to school. At the time, I asked if anyone wanted to tell of God’s faithfulness with their family. My good friend Bonnie took me up on the request, sharing how God filled, blessed, helped, and emptied her nest.

by Bonnie Brunt

We started out with an empty nest and a happy marriage.

I remember clearly the moment I realized I was pregnant for the first time.  I was out to dinner at a New Orleans style restaurant in Atlanta, GA with two girlfriends who were a little older than me.  We were drinking wine, laughing, and ragging on our husbands and grumbling about life – very typical girl’s night out.  I was complaining to them about how tired I had been and frequently nauseated I had been over the past few weeks and that I thought the stress of my newly opened restaurant was really getting to me.  As I raised my glass of wine to my lips, my friend Kathy, out of the stinking blue, looks at me really weird and asked me “When was your last period?”

At that moment, the world stopped, time stood still and life as I knew it changed.

That sip of wine never reached my lips, for at that moment, my eyes grew as wide as saucers and my jaw nearly hit the floor.  I didn’t need an EPT stick or a Dr.’s confirmation, because at that moment, with everything that makes me a female, at 23 years old, with my 24th birthday a few weeks away, I knew… I KNEW… I was pregnant.

Well, after confirmation from the Doctor and another month into the pregnancy, came the next shocker.

And Then There Were  Two

I was pregnant with twins.  Twin boys to be exact.  Let me just say, my boys, John and Stuart, have been a very wild ride.  When they were 2 years old, babies – just toddling around, all precious, my husband and I got a phone call from our neighbor across the street at 7:00AM on a Saturday morning.  I answered the phone and when it was Deb, my friendly neighbor. “WHAT are you doing calling me this early!  I’m still asleep,” I croaked at the phone.

Do You Know Where You’re Children Are?

She asked me where my boys were.  I told her, in my sleepy- but-how- crazy- can -you –be voice, they were still sleeping.  To that she replied, “No. They aren’t. They’re in my house.”  She was an early riser and she was up doing laundry (which is still insane to me to do laundry that early on a Saturday morning), but I sat straight up in bed, confused and shocked.  (Let me just interject, this was the first of many of odd-hour phone calls to come from these boys over their life… the FIRST).

My friend Deb informed me that my two sweet little boys were at her house, in her daughter’s room, playing with her toys and had woken her up!  They were 2.  Two year old little boys had climbed out of their separate cribs, gone down the hall and opened the dead bolts on our doors (the kind with the turn-knob) gone outside, down our LONG drive way, crossed the street, broken into our neighbors house, into her daughter’s room to play, at 7:00AM, while their parents were sleeping peacefully in the room just across the hall from them with the doors open!  Those little devils.


Needless to say, we jumped up, got dressed, retrieved our very naughty 2 year old criminals, and proceeded to the nearest Lowe’s to purchase new dead bolts, the kind with key locks, and installed them on our three exterior doors that Saturday morning, all before lunch.  We were containing our boys.

With this being just one of the many, many, crazy episodes and events concerning John and Stuart and their ability to work extremely well together in chaos and crime, we decided that two children was just enough for us.


Two kids in the nest made for plenty of feathers to go around!


Tomorrow Bonnie will share more about God’s faithfulness in her busy nest.


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