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“Worship is God’s idea; in fact, He created us to be people that worship. We are made for His pleasure, and our worship pleases Him very much.”

Rick Warren, The Purpose-Driven Life

Give God the Gift of Worship this Christmas

I love Christmas! I look forward to decorating the tree, pulling out ornaments sweet-made by young hands of kids now grown tall. I can’t wait to get that first Christmas card, usually from my friend Karen. Traditions abound and there are so many fun events and gatherings. I’ll admit that shopping isn’t my favorite-I often struggle to think of that great gift…let alone find it…on sale. The baking, the decorating, the festive, merry-making–I enjoy all of it.


This photo brings the sting of tears sweet and longing as I remember the joy of Grandmas and kids making sugar-cookie yumminess. Christmas memories are a treasure as the years pass.


Beginning with the marketing and shopping frenzy of Black Friday, the Christmas season is ushered in with the brash call of commercialism. Our calendars are packed tight with activities and celebrations. Anticipation and expectation build. With all of the goings-on, I often find myself caught up in the roll-tide of activity. The fun and excitement of the Christmas season often distracts me from truly appreciating the One we celebrate. There is a part of   each one of us that is made to worship, to enjoy communion and relationship with God. This part of me aches with frustration when I find myself caught tight in an over-crowded schedule of commitments and expectations.


Each year, I try to approach the coming season with organization. Somewhere I have a list of ways to prepare for Christmas ahead of time, tips like write your Christmas cards in September and shop the after-Christmas sales for next year. I have no idea where this list of efficiency is. And somehow, the day after Christmas, I am too exhausted to even think about fighting the crowds to shop for…next year?!

None of this eases the ache of distraction that time quiet and reverent with God heals. This year, by the grace of the One born at Christmas, I want to do it differently.

I am rearranging my to-do list, re-ordering my priorities.

This year, I want to daily practice the habit of worship, to cherish the presence of Immanuel, God with us. This year I place a hedge of protection over my spirit by placing worship at the top of my Christmas To-Do list. Now I am not talking about locking myself away, ignoring or by-passing all of the festivity. Not at all. This year I am choosing wisely and putting the best first.


But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Matthew 6:33

This verse applies to how we approach the Christmas season. The spiritual principal here is profoundly practical. In a few words, Jesus teaches us how to keep our priorities in order.

This Christmas, I want to seek Him first…

and carry the blessing with me into all of the other things I do each day this busy, wonderful, joyous December.

Can it be that choosing to worship first, that we will be better equipped spiritually and practically to enjoy all the wonder of Christmas?

So here’s the challenge…

I invite you to join me as I seek to increase my heart for worship throughout December. As we begin this special month, I ask God to open our hearts to seek Him daily with an intention to worship and treasure the true wonder of Christmas.

Throughout December I will post Scripture that draws our attention to Christ.  I will share Scripture, practical suggestions, and insights to enhance worship. I will often link to music videos that relate. For myself, my goal is to take time each day to worship. This is my simple prayer, “Lord, teach me to worship with a greater vision of the  majesty and worthiness of Christ.”

You may be thinking, “Nice thought, but I don’t have time.” My goal is to keep this short, giving a few thoughts to chew on. The challenge is to work on developing a mindset to worship, to enjoy God’s presence throughout the day.

Let’s do this together and experience the joy that comes from worshipping Christ. This challenge will not be complete without participation. Let’s encourage one another and share insights, experiences, and blessings that come with being intentional in worship this month. Get ready to rejoice! Use the comment tool at the bottom of each post to share with all of us.

If you join in by email or RSS feed, click on the post to enter into the website in order to leave a comment. I can’t wait to see what God will reveal as we join together to worship and enjoy Christ this season.

Here is a great Christmas song to help kick off our Christmas Worship Challenge


  1. As you were talking about decorating, shopping, cooking, etc … all the things that make up our holiday traditions, I started to think. What if our Christmas decorations are only displayed for the worship of our King? What if the shopping is merely to express to others how we long to worship Him because of His most incomprehensible gift? What if I cook (which I hate doing, by the way 🙂 ) as an act of worship and thanksgiving for the friends and family He has given me to prepare food for? What if I bake cookies to share with others as an expression of the sweetness of knowing my Savior? What if this was how I celebrate Christmas? Thanks for prompting me to contemplate the real questions. I’ll be tuning in …

    • Yes, yes, yes! What if! Such great questions! Thanks for sharing your response–your thoughts add so much! I am really looking forward to seeing how God can use the comment section to expand the input, ministry, and community of worship. We can all encourage and stir up one another. LOVE IT!

    • Paula, love your thoughts, gift giving as a form of worship, keeping the focus on the “true gift” given to us

  2. Advent is how our family continues to be intentional about celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, We start today(1st -25th) 🙂 I love it. I think I will try to add in worship/praise music this year, never have done that before, always feel self conscience about it. I use church and K-Love on the radio so I don’t have to do it myself(not that these things are “bad”, but I believe God wants me to share this time with my family, with my leading rather than relying on others to make worship happen. God wants to bring me out of my comfort zone again:) Thanks for the challenge 🙂

  3. Great plan, Ginger! I’m in. Love it! Thank you!

    • So glad you are joining us! Pass it on to others so you have some folks around you that are taking the challenge as well:)

  4. I really need this. I feel like I am just going through the motions!

    • I hear you! I can’t wait to hear how God will refresh your spirit through worship! Welcome to the challenge and stay connected:)

  5. I agree. It’s all about Him and sometimes all that other ‘stuff’ just gets in the way.

    Thanks for ushering in the season with worship.

  6. Part of our pastor’s message this morning talked about all the Christmas lights appearing in the neighborhood. He said that even though many people put them up as decoration, they should remind us of the light of Christ. Please count me in for this challenge…actually I prefer the word “growth”. 🙂

  7. YES I am in daily, yearly and this fabulous season! Thank you for sharing your heart, your family, your traditions and posting this challenge of the heart.

  8. I LOVE this: This year I place a hedge of protection over my spirit by placing worship at the top of my Christmas To-Do list. VERY POWERFUL! It touches my heart! I’m in! Thank you. And love the music playing while I write this to you! Cool!

    • So glad you are joining in the Challenge. I can’t wait to hear how God blesses your worship. So glad you like the music too–music is special part of worship:)

  9. I love this idea for all the stated reasons. I hope this was successful last year. I hope there will be something similar this year for Dec 2013

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