When I was a little girl, Easter was all about the bunny.

And the basket.

And the dress. Oh yes, the dress!

Sisters in our Easter Dresses 1969.

Sisters in our Easter Dresses 1969.


The special Easter dress was family tradition that we looked forward to. As a child, I loved the pretty dress that often matched my sister. Some years we even had Easter bonnets–the frilly white kind.

In our white patent leather shoes and lacy socks, we loved the thrill of hunting for Easter eggs, colorful and filled with sweet treasures.

Easter 1967

Easter 1967


I have many special Easter memories stored away in my heart. Years of traditions shared with family. What a treasure these old photos are.

Easter family photo 1968

As I have grown older, I still love the sharing holiday traditions with my family.  What joy to plan egg hunts and make Easter baskets for my own children.

Easter egg hunt 2001

Easter 2001


Easter 1999My mom saved those many of the Easter dresses my sister and I wore, and what sweet moments for my own girls to wear them.


Easter 2000



You will notice that I did not make them wear the bonnets…mom saved those too.

Over the years the generations change as the crawling babies grow into teenagers and the young parents become grandparents. Easter is still one of the few times we gather as extended family, and it is precious.

As a military family, we have not always lived close enough to spend Easter with family, which makes the memories all the more special.


Easter 2008


Easter 2005


[tweetthis]Family traditions bring generations together, creating strong bonds and family stories. [/tweetthis]

Whether it is Easter dresses, decorating and hunting for eggs, playing games, making crafts, or baking special recipes, take time to create family traditions. It’s never too late to start!

Through the years traditions will change with the ages and interests of the children, but always the best tradition is to celebrate life and love together as a family!

It's 2012 and sisters are still showing off our Easter dresses!

It’s 2012 and sisters are still showing off our Easter dresses!

This year, all of my kids will be joining us for Easter. The college crowd is making the time to come, which is a challenge as they don’t have time off for Easter.

The lure of fun times with aunts, uncles, and cousins beckons as they realize the years are passing and time with the older generation is not to be taken for granted.

[tweetthis]Love is the glue of family traditions that brings generations together and creates love for a lifetime.[/tweetthis]

Here are a few websites that have great ideas for Easter activities with kids. Enjoy your traditions and add a little something new.

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