1 Corinthians 13:4-8 shows us God’s way of loving–the kind of love only He can enable us to give. This kind of love is packed with power. Dare to love one another for your best relationships.

1 Corinthinas 13:4-8, Love one another, agape, Valentine's DayLooking at the many one another verses, we discover more details and instructions for our best relationships.

Care for one another, love one another, friendship, relationships, body of ChristThese instructions add living color to God’s desire for what we can experience in the body of Christ when we truly love one another.

These are the instructions for Christian living peppered throughout the New Testament.

The power of One-Anothering

One-anothering is a term I love to use when thinking about the many verses in Scripture that are part of God’s instructions for healthy and vibrant relationships.

Accept One Another, Love One another,

What can happen when we set aside our petty differences, the things that don’t matter but divide? Power ignites when we give what we have received–the needed blessing of acceptance that is healing to the soul.

peace with others, harmony, love one another, Romans 12:16

Dare to be humble.

Self-importance and pride disrupt harmony.

Like white noise in the background of our lives, self-importance and pride weakens relationships, creates divisions, and steals peace. Yes this…live in harmony with one another.

Encouragement, love one another, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, relationships, body of Christ

We need each other.

Discouragement runs rampant in the world around us. Life can be hard and it is easy to lose heart.

On our hard days, we may lack the energy and hope to be brave enough to believe God is faithful and hope is here.

On our worst days discouragement rips at our foundations of faith. We need the love of another to come alongside with comfort and courage to lend our weary hearts.

Here’s the thing—

Instruction is given where it is needed. Implicit in the instruction is the recognition that we have issues in our relationships.

We struggle to love one another well.

Let Love Bring In Your Best Year Yet

Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart.

Forgive with bold faith.

Choose kindness and compassion.

Nowhere in these passages does it say that God’s best for loving others is easy. But it is WORTH IT!

Today, rely on Christ and seize this moment to love one another.

By this love

They will know

We are His disciples.

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