Sunlight dances on her head and the fire in her soul radiates joy and passion through her eyes. It bounces through her voice. This is my daughter, the one who just returned from a six month Discipleship Training School in Australia.


My heart is filled with joy to see what God has done in her faith in this brief period of time. Seriously, I can’t even take it all in.  Her world has expanded in tangible ways, and it is powerful, the mark of Christ in this slip of a girl.


She tells stories of friends she has made in the Aboriginal communities of northern Australia and the slums of Calcutta, India. On roads less traveled, she has learned to share the Gospel with love and boldness.

11760195_10203744772494888_6743393796105556991_nI marvel at the power of God at work through opportunities opened, prayers answered, broken hearts redeemed, and ailing bodies healed.


We have an extraordinary God and it has been an astonishing time of learning, growth, and ministry.


Now she is ready to return to Australia to answer God’s call to work on staff for the next two years. On staff she will have the opportunity to continue training and giving through leadership, ministry and mentoring. Her bright green pack is loaded, heavy with the things she will need. How do you pack two years into a backpack?

We are waiting for her visa to be approved, and it has been a mess of cancelled and rescheduled flights. The gift of unexpected time is appreciated as she trusts God with the timing and the details.


Though I am beyond thrilled about what God is doing in her life, I must admit there is a part of my mamma-heart wants to keep her close and keep her safe. Joy mingles with gratitude and an ache in my heart.

Purchasing a one-way ticket for a continent 11, 580 miles away is an act of faith for this mom, and that’s for sure! Join me in praying for God’s blessing, protection, and provision as she steps forward in faith.  Go in grace Sweet Girl!

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