5 Things You Should Not Say if You Want to be Humble

A humorous but true look at the challenge of humilty

The Bible is full of all kinds of interesting truths that can turn your life upside down–or at least bounce you on your head a little. Humility is one of those subtle topics that’s easy to trip over. Here’s an example from 1 Peter 5:5:

 and all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

What are You Wearing?

Though at first glance this appears to be a bit of fashion advice, this is one of those Bible truths that will stop you up short. One thing’s for sure, you won’t see this style on display a Paris fashion show. You won’t ever hear Hollywood stars interviewed at the Oscars, “What are you wearing? Oscar de la Humility?

To some people, humility is kind of a bad word. A word that most of us are a little uncomfortable with.  It’s one of those things that everybody knows they should do…but how many of us really want to be humble?

Got Humility?

When you were a kid, and somebody asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up, how many of you said, “humble?”

Anyway….as I’ve been thinking about humility, I’ve realized there are some things you should not say IF  you want to be humble.

#1   “Look at Me!  Look at Me!”

Don’t yell this out in a crowded room. My mamma always told me that calling undue attention to myself wasn’t humble, or ladylike. This kind of thing works fine if you are five years old, showing off your best cannon ball on the diving board. For adults, it just doesn’t work.

#2  “Wow!  Did you see what I just did?  Wasn’t it great!”

Here again, calling undue attention to yourself.  Not to mention that there can be, and often is, somebody around who can do whatever it is that you just did, better than you can.

#3  “I can’t do that…I might break a nail.”

If you want people to see your humility, never let them think you’re  more concerned about your manicure than you are with helping them.  Nobody likes to play second fiddle to a fingernail!  If somebody asks you to do something, be willing to help out.

#4 “What is wrong with you!”

Anti-humility translation: “I’ve got it together and you obviously don’t.”  Nobody likes to hear that, but it sure is easy to say, especially when your mad!  You might as well be upfront about it and just say what you mean.  However, if I remember correctly, God has a lot to say about not judging others…

Remember that part about  looking at the speck in your brother’s eye and not seeing at the log in your own eye.? Of course if you got a log in your eye, you probably can’t see much of anything…but that’s the whole point isn’t it?

#5 ”I’ll never forgive you!”

Warning, this is s a hard one.  We like to hold tight to our rights, but humility remembers that we are all sinners and all quite capable of making a mess of things.

A Little Homework

So here’s your homework–yes there can be homework on a blog. I am the writer and that makes me queen in this little universe…oops, that wasn’t a very humble thing to say. Use this list to help you feel great about being humble.

Anybody Remember This?

Call to action: Send this post to anyone you think needs to work on humility. Just kidding, I hope you’ll pass this along just because it made you smile.

Actually, I”d love to add to my list of things not to say, so please leave a comment with your suggestions and let’s keep the fun rolling.






  1. This is hard, because I check off at least two of these ‘do nots’ as things I have done. I find it hard to balance the need to be humble and to “sell” myself and my blog by highlighting the successes, for potential advertisers, sponsors, etc. We have to prove our blog’s value in numbers. In terms of my daily life, my kids often keep me humble! I wonder sometimes if we have to be self-deprecating to be humble? Confidence and sharing successes can seem like gloating and yet should we be confident in Christ and the work we do for him? You can tell I am really trying to work on this topic! You must have a good post here! 🙂

    • Ginger Harrington

      I so get where you are coming from on this, Jami! There is a high level of promotion necessary to continue to grow in the blogging world, and it is a struggle to “self-promote” when it feels like calling attention to yourself. For me I think part of the balance comes when I can put things out, promote with a sincere invitation to share, and truly rest in not being concerned with the results or the outcomes. It is hard to walk the line of humility. I am constantly tripping off one side or the other, which I’ll talk about in my second post on this next week. Your blog is awesome, and I know that you are giving your best to your family. The fact that you are working on this shows a heart that is seeking humility and grace:)

  2. Thank you, Ginger. I love the constant gentle reminders that I get from reading your blog. The Mac Davis song was certainly a flashback and a wonderful touch.

    • Ginger Harrington

      Great to hear from you! Yes, that Mac Davis song was a blast from the past. I think I was in third grade when I heard that song for the first time. I was just thinking about you earlier today as we make plans to visit Florida. Another blast from the past:)

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