We Don’t Worship Alone

In the midst of relational worship, we discover that worship is not us on our side, trying to please God, who is on the other side.We don’t worship alone.

When we worship in spirit and truth, whether we are singing or doing something else, whatever we are doing, our worship is a partnership of the Holy Spirit within us praising, lifting up the Father, bearing witness with us and through us.

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Why You Should Sing in the New Year with a New Song

To sing a new song is to sing a song that is alive with the fresh vibrancy of today.

A new song because each moment is new and daily we have opportunity and privilege to worship God in our now. What is now is new; it is intimate and immediate.

It is real.
A new song rings with the testimony of what God has done in our lives. This past year we have experienced so many blessings–so much to sing about.

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